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Wellness Benefits of Indoor Plants
for Your Mood and Health

Indoor Plants

Plants provide an impressive array of benefits in medicine, teas, and scenery. Science has proven time and again that just being in nature can boost our mood and reduce negative feelings that impact our health and well-being. 

While you can’t take a hike in the middle of your workday, you can bring nature inside and enjoy many of the same perks as a walk in the park. Seeing green can reduce physical signs of stress like your heart rate, as well as mental and emotional stress. 

Having either live or fake plants can increase feelings of happiness and help you focus. In fact, one study shows that plants at work can significantly increase overall well-being (47%), creativity (45%), and productivity (38%).

Of course, many live plants offer air purification as an additional benefit that scenery and plastic plants can’t. If you’re interested in developing your green thumb, caring for live plants is also a great addition to your mindfulness practices. 

Many people also believe that plants are as lucky as they are healthy. If you’re looking to add some life to your decor, check out these lucky plants and their science-backed benefits to your well-being before you head to your local nursery. And these too, known as Chinese Evergreen, a favorite houseplant to many for their ease of care and air purifying ability: aglaonema varieties plant.

Agave is widely known for being a natural sweetener that people use to substitute sugar with and for the tequila drink. You'll want to know how often does agave plant bloom and how long it lasts.

Wellness Benefits of Indoor Plants

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