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Washing Without Water Is on the Rise

Washing without water makes it possible to work on vehicles in places that do not allow the use of "abundant" water. It's practical and ecological! Torque detail makes specially formulated detailing products for cars. Try out their products to see what makes them stand out and why car owners choose them.

You may see more and more washing stations of this type appear in parking lots, airports, and other familiar places to entrust your vehicle while you go about different occupations. You can also use this technique to maintain your car.

Ecological, the argument that hits the mark! Waterless washing prides itself on being environmentally friendly because very little or no water is used to clean the vehicle. This is similar to an ecological gesture because we do not consume water. Still, above all, we do not reject the evacuations water laden with cleaning products and other types of pollution (particularly hydrocarbons).


Are we talking about the quantities of bottles/cans of products emptied to wet/lubricate the bodywork and inevitably ending up in the trash? The products are sprayed in abundance on the element to be washed to moisten the support. The consumption of cleaning products is particularly high.

Is it useful to mention the multiple rags and wipes needed to wash a vehicle without resorting to water? Many wipes end up in the trash or the washing machine for those who take the trouble to remove them (given the condition of the wipes after washing without water). What about the ecological interest when, in the end, all the impurities mentioned above encrusted in the rags end up in the wastewater after machine washing ...


What happiness, you will find your clean and sparkling car under the neon lights of the supermarket parking lot. In appearance, the work is entirely satisfactory, but in presence only ...

Why do brands sell this type of product?

The question is valid! The biggest brands reputed in the cleaning and maintenance of automotive bodywork offer a range of waterless washing products. Make no mistake, the market exists, and brands have an obligation to meet this demand. In addition, the brands offer high-performance products that limit micro-scratches as much as possible, but which must be used in certain circumstances and with certain precautions for use.

Washing without water exists but does not respond to a particular desire to maintain a vehicle without micro-scratches. This category of products responds to a desire to clean a vehicle when the use of water is not possible, and when the vehicle is not excessively dirty.

To conclude

If there is any damage, take your vehicle to a professional in renovation and bodywork preparation. So, you will find an impeccable body. You can also do this yourself if you think you can do it. There is nothing very complicated. As in all areas, all you need is a few basics, a little material, and the time to get it right. The Turbo Waterless Detailer makes washing a breeze. Clean off any dirt and debris in an instant. No need to grab the water hose. This waterless formula includes nanotechnology that easily removes light contaminants.

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