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Wallpics Photo Tiles:
New Way of Decorating Your Home


With the changing times, the way of decorating your home has also altered to a great extent. Today you can find new and innovative ways to decorate your home. One such product that can enhance the beauty of your home in an effortless way is Wallpics. This is one of the best and the most unique way to improve the looks of the walls of your home.

Keeping this in mind, here some cool features of Wallpics have been discussed so that you get to know why Wallpics is considered one of the best options of wall decoration and why celebrities like Jade Roper, the American actress and model, and Shawn Booth, an American reality TV star, are appreciating it.

What is Wallpics?

Wallpics is a wall décor that improves the looks of your home and ensures that you receive accolades from all corners. Technically, these are customized photo tiles of size 8”x8” square which can be placed anywhere on the wall. You just need to make the order and you will receive the box of amazing Wallpics that will bring a smile on your face. Want to know more? Visit our official website!

What are the features of Wallpics that make it so special?

Wallpics is one of the most special wall décors that celebrate the special moments of your life. Here the advantages of these customized photos have been discussed:

  • It is beautiful
    When you place Wallpics on the walls of your home, then it transforms the look of your home. It makes your home look beautiful and attractive. You get a chance to impress your guests and make them feel that you value your friends and families with the photos of you hanging out with them.
  • It is easy to stick
    You can easily place these photos on the walls of your room by sticking it on the walls. You do not need the help of any nail or a screw to hang it on the wall. This makes you free from the drilling of a hole and saves you a lot of time.
  • It is easy to move around
    The special sticky substance present on the Wallpics is of very high-quality and so it makes sure that when you stick it on the walls it doesn’t fall off. You do not have to worry about moving it from one room to the other. You can place it on any wall whether newly painted or discolored.
  • It can be reused
    Another feature of Wallpics that makes it special is that it can be reused. The double-adhesive on these customized photos ensure that you get to remove it effortlessly. The quality of the photos is such that it doesn’t look old even when you reuse it and gives a fresh look to your room.
  • It never damages the walls
    The walls of your room are in the safe hand when you select Wallpics. These photos when taken off do not peel off the wall paint and come out clean. Furthermore, you will not find any mark left behind when the Wallpics are removed and as already mentioned above no nail, no screw is necessary to hang it on the wall so you will not find any mark or holes on the walls too. All these things make sure that you do not need the renovation of the wall and in case, if you have old walls then you get a chance to conceal all the marks behind these customized photo tiles.
  • It is cheap
    You do not have to spend a huge amount of money in placing the order of Wallpics as a set of three Wallpics will cost you only $35 and for each additional photo, you have to pay $9. As these photos can be reused so it makes these bespoke photos value for money in a real sense. In a nutshell, one can say that these are the most affordable and the most cost-effective wall décor.

How to place the order of Wallpics?

It is very easy to place the order of Wallpics as it involves the use of the mobile application. You need to download an app for this –, which is available on both Google Play and the Apple store. This means whether you have an Android phone or an iOS phone, you can use this mobile app. Just download the app and upload the selected photos on the app. After this, you can place the order and make the payment. You will receive the box of Wallpics within 5 to 6 working days and you do not need to pay for the shipping if you are residing in the US.

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A number of advantages that Wallpics app bring has made it popular among such celebrities as Jade Roper, Shawn Booth, Kathy Wakile and many more.

Affordable price, high-quality, easy to use, attractive - these are some prominent features of this application that will not leave you indifferent and help you image how cozy your house can be. These are the list of famous people that have tried out Wallpics application and are sure that it’s worth. Watch the short videos on to know how the app changes the place of living and think how your walls can be decorated. Get more information about the benefits of using Wallpics photo tiles, subscribe to celebrities’ Facebook pages and follow their Instagram. Be always on the cutting edge!

Brand Ambassadors for Wallpics

Beatrice Bouchard (check Beatrice’s Wallpics, follow Instagram, subscribe Facebook page)
Alex Lange (check Alex’s Wallpics, follow Instagram, subscribe Facebook page)
Alex Cooper (check Alex’s Wallpics)
Mark Jansen (check Mark’s Wallpics, follow Instagram, subscribe Facebook page)
Lauren Manzo (check Lauren’s Wallpics, follow Instagram, subscribe Facebook page)
Taylor Nolan (check Taylor’s Wallpics, follow Instagram, subscribe Facebook page)
Lindsie Chrisley (check Lindsie’s Wallpics, follow Instagram, subscribe Facebook page)
Kathy Wakile (check Kathy’s Wallpics, follow Instagram, subscribe Facebook page)
Katie Stauffer (check Katie’s Wallpics, follow Instagram)
Jojo Fletcher (check Jojo’s Wallpics, follow Instagram, subscribe Facebook page)


If you are looking for a wall décor then Wallpics is one of the best options available online. You can place it in your commercial establishment as well as your home. You just have to select the pictures from our album accordingly. Once you have decided which photos will look good in your office and which one will look amazing in your home then place the order on the This is one of the wall decorative items that can create magic wherever you place it.

The only effort which you need to take is to choose the photos, which will definitely not appear a tedious work to you. The cost of the Wallpics as you know is not too high so you can order more photos for it. You can place these photos in any room of your abode, such as your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even in the gallery of your home. So, download the app now and upload your photos. You will never repent of this decision and will certainly receive praises from all corners.

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