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5 Wall and Door Protection Solutions

Protection Solutions

Wall protection is done to minimize damage from walls and structures. It is done with a combination of several products like handrails, corner guards, skirtings, crash rails, and more. The purpose of these products is to ensure the longevity of a building’s interior. On the other hand, a door protection device safeguards the property against theft and invasion. Here are the 5 best wall and door protection solutions you can use for your building. Find the 5 best wall and door protection solutions from experts like Rootex Australia. Corner Guards, Handrails, Door jammers, Security Bars, Wall panels, and more. 

Wall Protection Solutions :

  1. Corner Guards offer full protection for wall corners. Daily traffic can put pressure on commercial facilities, but corner guards help keep the appearance tidy and attractive for longer. These guards are available in various colors and sizes. 
  2. Wall Panels protect your walls while creating an aesthetic appeal for the interior. These are thin sheets of wood or synthetic material which are applied to the walls. 
  3. Handrails are used to provide walking support. These come in two different types, which are Flat handrails, and Accent strip handrails. Also, handrails are found in different colors, varieties, and materials. 
  4. Antibacterial Wallpaper is made for the prevention of bacterial development in the facility. Places with heavy traffic like hospitals, health centers, and such places need antibacterial wallpaper to prevent the spread of illness. 
  5. Laminates are used for covering surfaces. They are decorative materials that come in a variety of materials and design patterns. In addition, laminates are the most affordable and easy to clean wall protection solutions. 

Door Protection Solutions :

  1. Door Security Bars – Door security bars are best for home security, where inward swinging doors are more common. These devices hinge on the doorknobs, so anyone can’t use the doorknob. However, devices with plastic parts are not very sturdy and may easily break when excess force is applied. 
  2. Door Reinforcement Plates – Another effective way to improve home security is by reinforcing the locks. The purpose of these plates is to strengthen the door latches. This device is best suited for wooden doors and is mostly used to secure front doors. 
  3. Reinforcement Locks – An advanced version of reinforcement plates is reinforcement locks. It is also installed on the door’s frame and has an arm that latches the door shut. This means one can’t open the door even if it is unlocked if the latch is activated. 
  4. Deadbolts – Deadbolt lock is another common security device used to secure the door. It is commonly used in residential properties to prevent the risk of theft. 
  5. Door Jammers – It is one of the most common devices used to secure the front door of the house. A door jammer stops the door from being kicked in. It is installed in the space between the door and floor. These can also be removed during the time of an emergency if they are pressure mounted. 
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