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Be Bold and Make A Difference
With Unique Bathroom Design

Remodeling your bathroom is a chance to make an unmistakable style statement and create a room you want to spend time in. Today's suppliers offer a vast range of fixtures and many options, so making the best choice can be challenging. Fortunately, with a few pro tips, anyone can create an eye-catching bathroom. Whether your bathroom is spacious or tiny, decorator ideas will help you make the most of it. 

Start with Color

Creating a unique bathroom involves coordinating elements like fixtures, light, and flooring. However, the color palette you choose sets the scene and changes the tone of your space. When considering different ideas for your bathroom, begin with color choices.

Plenty of bold colors are available, but some work better than others. For example: 

  • Red. While not a standard bathroom color, red can add a dramatic touch if used correctly. For instance, adding bright red items to an otherwise neutral palette adds a gorgeous touch. Additions like a red laundry basket, accessories, or sink can add sparkle. 
  • Yellow. Cheerful yellow walls create warmth, and many decorators add black accents to add style. Consider yellow accents in a bathroom decorated in shades of gray, blue, brown, or green. 
  • Orange. One of the most cheerful accent colors, orange looks stunning with blue and brightens up cool colors. Think about a nautical theme with splashes of orange.

Sinks Make All the Difference

Today's suppliers offer a wide range of sinks in sizes and styles to fit any taste. Why not choose an unusual sink to add pizazz to your bathroom?

You can find square, round, and other geometrically shaped sinks. They are available in materials that include stone, glass, concrete, and metal.

There are beautiful, stylish sinks designed exclusively for tiny spaces. Per Arch20 design professionals, consider an elegant round corner sink without a vanity for a small bathroom. It's functional, eye-catching, and prevents the room from looking crowded. 

Create a Warm, Cozy Bathroom 

Bathrooms are often designed primarily to be functional, so they appear stark but don't have to. Pro tips will help you create a warm, inviting space.

Several design elements can help, beginning with stone. Whether you introduce stone as an accent, like a bathroom surround, or choose lovely stone floors. The choice will add richness.

Houzz experts suggest adding texture to warm up a bathroom. Include textures like grassy baskets, rugs, and window dressings to tone down the typical shiny bathroom surfaces. Add aged metal finishes, stacks of towels, and textured storage containers. Texture works exceptionally well with simple color palettes. 

Light Up Your Bathroom

Bathroom lighting makes an astonishing difference. The right lighting fixtures flatters the space and highlights its best features.

Introduce artificial lighting to ensure every area of the bathroom is well-lit. Add as much natural light from windows as possible, making the room more balanced and spacious. If the room is tiny, consider installing wall-mounted lights next to the mirror.

You don't have to stick with traditional fixtures. Consider a chandelier that can become an eye-catching focal point. Options like farmhouse vanity lights and sconces add whimsy, interest, and illumination.

Anyone can create a bold bathroom design using a few professional decorating tips. While experts offer dozens of ways to create a unique space, some essential elements are the color, sink, and lighting. Adding textured features can also introduce warmth and make a cozy, welcoming room.

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