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Top 3 Turntable Isolation Platforms
in 2020 for Your Best Turntable

In recent years, the number of vinyl enthusiasts has increased. Once you fall in love with it, the sound quality provided by the turntable can be an important part of your music experience.

Therefore, equipping a turntable isolation platform to ensure high-quality sound while minimizing vibration is a factor that should be considered for music lovers.

However, many brands manufacture this turntable isolation platform today, but what is the best isolation platform?

List of Best Turntable Isolation Platforms in 2020

1. Gingko


Gingko Audio Cloud 11

This platform is designed with the dimensions of 18 x 16 x 2.5 inches, and is made from black Acrylic material that brings luxury to looks. Gingko took things to the next level by designing a platform with the highest possible vibration control for this product.

Overall, the platform is quite simple, but its design has many outstanding features such as deep dividing lines in the bottom to hold nine balls (each can weigh up to 10 pounds). From there, this Platform has good rigidity and a secure place for your turntable, especially the extremely heavy VPI turntable.

Besides, Gingko also creates a thick bottom base combined with a cushion of the top command. This enables this Gingko device to add balance and ensure 99% reduction in external vibrations.

In my opinion, this is a great turntable isolation platform, and you will feel great right after experiencing this platform by Gingko. Many consumers highly appreciate the quality that it brings. Do you want to try a bit?

2. Butcher Block Acoustics

Butcher Block Acoustics

Butcher Block Acoustics Audio Isolation Platform

The outstanding advantage of Butcher Block Acoustics is resilient and durable. It designed the hardwood platform to work as a natural solution to absorb and dissipate the energy that causes vibrations.

From there, it will help create a very distinctive sound. Furthermore, since it is made entirely of wood, this platform has a unique color and texture.

Butcher Block comes in a variety of sizes (ranging from 17 "x 14" x 3 "to 24" x 18 "x 3"), making it easy for you to choose one that suits your needs most. You can select the size of the product and the choice of wood material between the maple version and the walnut version.

Butcher Block Acoustics also finishes the work with Durakryl 102 satin finish, making it easy to clean with warm soapy water without fear of damage.

3. Dawn's Depot Maple

Dawn's Depot Maple

Dawn's Depot Maple AUD21213

Dawn's Depot Maple AUD21213 is a turntable isolation platform designed quite simply but very sophisticated.

The model uses hard rock wood for the platform’s foundation to perfect vibrating absorption and isolation. As everyone probably knows, hard rock hardwood is a wood used a lot by turntables enthusiasts from past to present, known to provide a great deal of density for perfect tones in sound quality.

One plus point for this platform is that you can use both sides. Furthermore, you can choose between two sizes, including 21” x 18” x3” and 21” x 21” x 3”. This will give you more flexibility in deciding to buy the product and use it like a various turntable.

Conclusion: My Top Pick

The three platform types we mentioned above are the three best turntable isolation platforms for your choice. It is noticeable that Gingko is a reliable selection. Of course, it is a little expensive in comparison with two other ones, but the quality is great.

Therefore, after all, we recommend you Gingko Audio Cloud 11 Vibration Control Platform for Turntables. I chose it because I appreciate its acoustics being superior to the other two, and it's pretty eye-catching.

While this is a fairly expensive platform, it effectively reduces vibration and helps produce the best possible sound quality. So this will be one of my best turntable isolation platform choices.

After reading all of our turntable isolator articles today, I hope you will have the best choice for you. Stay tuned for more of our articles to date with the latest reviews about other productions.

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