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Top 5 Trendy Window Blinds for Home

Window Blinds

Plantation shutters are the new window blinds. They help to decrease the electricity bill with a great margin. They are popular among the grand houses but also look good on a small house. Shutters increase the beauty of the house.

Shutters can be installed either outside or inside. You can opt for movable shutters or fixed shutters according to your preference. The most outstanding feature of plantation shutters is the louvre. 

Cost of Plantation Shutter

The average plantation shutter cost is $2350. It can vary according to the material used for the shutter construction, wood or composite shutters, and the length of the window.

Wood shutters are slightly more expensive than faux or composite shutters. They cost about $200 to $350. The cost also depends upon the company you are choosing for the installation. 

Advantages of Plantation Shutters

There are many advantages to this type of window treatment. This type of window treatment was common in South America. Following are some of the pros of shutters:

  • It deflects heat and minimizes the need for an air conditioner.
  • Lack of air conditioning is also good for the electricity bill. These shutters decrease the electricity bill.
  • They also reduce energy consumption.
  • Increase the home ventilation.
  • Provide an elegant look to the house. 

Following are some of the trendy window looks that you can opt to install in your houses. Before you install any of these, do your research.

1. Wood Blinds

Wood blinds decrease the heat of the house while keeping up with the whole ambiance. They also decrease the harsh sunlight a lot, meaning that wood is an excellent material for bedroom blinds. They are within the price range and blend well with the whole bedroom style.

Pros of Wood Blinds
Wood blinds blend in seamlessly with the walls. They are more flexible than an average window. The wood provides warmth and style to the room it is installed. The vanes can be adjusted to allow light and privacy. 

Cons of Wood Blinds
Wood can expand or contract according to the moisture level in the air. It is quite heavy. Installation on large windows will make it impossible for the blinds to lift or lower. Darker wood blinds also tend to accumulate a huge amount of dust that is difficult to clean.

2. Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are good for the rooms where the actual wood might get damaged. For example, it is preferred for the kitchen and bathroom areas. The material is durable and made of synthetic material.

Pros of Faux Wood Blinds:
It is more durable than the actual wood. It can withstand humid air while wood blinds cannot. Faux wood is moisture-resistant. It is cheaper than real wood. Their aesthetic is the same as the actual wood, but prices are a lot lower.

Maintenance is easy as it will not rot or get damaged like the real wood. As discussed earlier, it is a lot durable because it is not vulnerable to high moisture.

Cons of Faux Wood Blinds:
Even though they mimic the real wood as best as they can, they still don’t look as good as the actual wood. Faux wood is made up of PVC that might soften in the presence of high temperature; that is why it should not be used in a room where the temperature exceeds 55 Celsius.

Actual wood can be polished upon the damage, but faux cannot be polished. You have to replace the whole window in case of any damage.

3. Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are called horizontal blinds. A cord connects them. They keep the heat out while muting the light. The customer can also shut the sunlight completely by closing the blinds. 

Pros of Venetian Blinds:
The main pro of these blinds is light control. You can control the amount of sunlight with these. They can block out about 90 percent of the sunlight. These blinds are good for the night owls. The cord makes it easier for the user to open and close the blind.

They are available in different types of materials like aluminum and wood. They can be installed almost in every room.

Cons of Venetian Blinds:
The cleaning process is longer than any other blind. Each slat will require individual cleaning. Not all windows can withstand Venetian blinds. If you have a sliding door, the horizontal blinds will get in the way, and the door will not close properly.

They are not blackout blinds which means not all the light will be blocked.

4. Roller Blinds

They are cheaper than all the blinds. People who are not satisfied with the Venetian blinds can opt for these as they are made up of fabric that does not hinder the motion of doors and windows closing. 

Pros of Roller Blinds:
They are inexpensive, which makes them popular among the people. They can be adjusted to the height of the window or door. The fabric is available in different styles, materials, colors, and price ranges. You can also connect them with electricity for automatic control.

Cons of Roller Blind:
They are good for the regular-shaped window, but it will be difficult for you to adjust the roller blind if your window deviates from the normal shapes.

Opening the window will provide difficulty because the breeze might cause the blinds to flap against it if the breeze is blowing. Dangling cords or chains can cause child accidents.

Discount plantation shutters are available on many good plantation service companies. Avail the chance before it is too late.

5. Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are good investments if your house has a patio. They can be used for small get together or BBQ parties.

Pros of Outdoor Blinds:
The main pro of outdoor blinds is covering the patio if there is any rain or thunderstorm. They will protect the patio walls and floor. If the day is sunny, you can open the blinds and enjoy the beautiful sun.

Cons of Outdoor Blinds:
The outdoor blinds might block the sunlight by a margin even if they are open, which might be difficult for people who love to sit in the sun.


Many companies are providing customers with options. You can choose what type of shutter or window blind you want to be installed, and they will provide you with the details of cost and materials. But do a little bit of research before hiring any company!

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Ferris likes to travel, read books and watch outdoor sports.

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