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Transforming Your House Into a Home

According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, having a shelter is in the safety category. It is right after basic needs like food and sleep. Therefore, having a home is a basic survival need. There is a vast difference between a house and a home. Do you have a home or a house?

A home is like having a personal oasis. You make sure you have everything you love in your personal space. Your personality and budget mainly influence your home. Up-and-coming trends, too, are a determining factor in how you transform a house into a home. Here's a few trends that make a house a home:

1. Kitchen

Kitchens are essential to making our homes feel complete. In the kitchen, we meet our physiological needs. Nourishment is crucial for both our health and survival. Pale wood in the kitchen gives it a very natural feel, and it allows mixing light and dark colors easier. Regularly changing your kitchen cabinets and dishes to your preference helps keep your home your own.

With the neomodern kitchen designs, you can get different kitchen fittings designs depending on your preference and budget. Most of these kitchen designs fall in the low-budget to high-end categories. With this price range, you can customize your kitchen as you see fit.

2. Home Office

Sometimes we need to take our work with us to our sanctuary. Having a home office is a great way to work in an environment of your liking. The area shouldn't take too much space, but it should be in a quiet corner to minimize distractions. It also should allow in as much natural light as possible. Getting the best interior sliding doors for your workspace is the right decision.

Sliding doors are customized to fit your home. Either you have children or work mostly at night or midday, sliding doors come in many modifications to fit your home with ease, and they take up less space than regular doors. You can shut them when you need more quiet, or easily open them to let the family enter. Window placement is also a thing to consider when choosing an office space.

You should also consider the cost of an AC for your home office. The AC can help maintain a comfortable room temperature, especially during summer. Additionally, it can help to improve the air quality in the room and help to reduce any humidity in the area, which can be a great benefit when concentrating.

3. Art and Decor

Art has been a trend in making homes beautiful. However, in recent years, the kind of art has shifted. Various artists have come up with new and trendy pieces of art. You can order personalized pieces for your home, bringing a sense of belonging and individuality.

You can buy art pieces from the local talent or shop on major retailer stores or online sites. Art comes in many forms and shapes, giving you a wide range to choose from. A wall painting or a sculptor can fit perfectly in a home, depending on your taste. A new trend is including wicker and rattan furniture and décor for a light and airy feeling.

Homeowners need to feel confident in their decision-making when planning their painting projects, including identifying contractors and reputable paint firms, selecting colors, and budgeting. Here are 15 Home Painting Facts you need to know.

4. Comfortable Spaces

When creating a home, comfort should be a priority. A space you spend most of your time should be comfortable for you. A home is often an escape from the outside, a place to relax, be yourself, and reflect when engaging in activities you love. Comfort varies from person to person, so it is essential to choose what is comfortable for you.

Factors like the paint color of the wall and furniture determine your comfortability in your home, be it getting furry throw pillows, a velvet couch, leather upholstery, or a plush rug. It should be what feels comfortable to you. Privacy is also a factor to consider for your comfort.

5. Landscaping and Gardening

On top of loving the interiors of your home, outside space is ideal. Spending time at your lawn or backyard gives you a chance of having fresh air. You also enjoy an outdoor feeling without leaving the comfort of your home.

Gardening is a hobby that is done both indoors and outdoors. Gardening allows you to escape the challenges of your daily life since it is an enjoyable activity. Additionally, gardening adds beauty and serenity to your sanctuary.

6. Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the main areas in your homes where we get to rest. Sleeping should be restful and undisturbed. The area you choose for your rejuvenation should be airy. Some people prefer to have bright bedrooms while others like it neutral. It is all about what you find works best for you.

Keeping up with new trends like installing wallpapers from thrift shops can prove to be an adventure for you and your home. Trying new things is a great way to ensure your home is your dream. Do not shy away from letting your imagination run wild to create your ultimate space. It is all yours.

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