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5 Ways to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Sanctuary

We spend one third of our lives sleeping, so it could be said that a pleasant bedroom environment is a crucial factor if you want to have a good night’s sleep. Visualise your bedroom design to be in control of the entire process of bedroom decoration. In order to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary, it will be necessary to think outside the box and open up to new concepts that can calm down your running mind such as new accessories, materials and colours that have a soothing effect. Take a look at our list below to see how you can make your bedroom more pleasant to be in.

Natural Materials

When you choose materials for your bed, make sure that they are odour resistant, cool you down and have antibacterial properties. Clean surroundings affect your mood and create a relaxed ambiance for dozing off faster. Organic bamboo bedding is the perfect choice if you want to sleep peacefully in a stress-free environment. A sanctuary is a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable and soft and silky bedding will deliver breathability without weighing you down.

Antimicrobial and buttery soft, organic bamboo sheets are designed to support skin health and keep you comfy all night long.

Bamboo sheets are naturally breathable, thermo-regulating and gentle on sensitive skin. Read more about this product range.

Pastel Colours

Neutral colours for your walls can help you create a serene design that has a relaxing feel to it. Bring a sense of calm to your sleeping environment with the aid of pastel hues. You can add pops of colour by incorporating colourful accessories that pair well with the softness and warmth of neutral colours. These shades come to life when they’re surrounded by a clear and clutter-free space with minimalist furniture that doesn’t take up the entire room.


A staple piece for a sanctuary are the plants that enrich the space and purify the air. Adding greenery to the bedroom will blend seamlessly into every decorating concept. Different shades of green can accentuate the neutral colours and serve as a stark contrast to colourful accessories, especially red ones, because red and green are complementary colours, so feel free to create a beautiful burst of color just by including a few natural elements into the interior design.

Art Display

Turn your artsy pieces into a key design element that will attract everyone’s attention. Make sure to pair it with the style of the furniture to create a cohesive bedroom decor. If you’re into industrial design add a simple metal floor lamp or a metal clock to accentuate your style. However, if boho bedroom decor is closer to your heart, hang a dream catcher or sconces on the wall, or add tapestry to the wall to make the bedroom more rustic and warm.

A Soft Carpet

Add a finishing touch to the room by opting for a patterned carpet with a texture that adds more depth and dimension to the room. Bare floors aren’t attractive to look at - bold and patterned style is allowed for the floors. Rug is an item that you can easily swap since it’s not as big and bulky as your bed or a bedroom bench. Our advice is to go with vivid colours that you can match with the accessories, instead of going for neutrals that will be too bland in comparison with your pastel walls.

A quiet retreat after a busy day is even better when the bedroom is decorated according to your design wishes and taste in fashion. A perfect bedroom sanctuary should be a representation of your style and personal preferences that you can change when you feel like it, so we recommend nothing too extravagant, such as painting the entire room black! Do you love the current design of your bedroom or would you switch it up? Tell us all about your experience in the comment section below!

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