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How to Transform Your Backyard for the Summer

Summer will be here before you know it. There’s no better time than now to start thinking about how you can turn your backyard into a fun and entertaining space for your family and guests.

Here’s how you can transform your backyard just in time for summer...

  • Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Creating a communal space to cook and share a meal outside is the perfect way to spend time with friends and family outdoors. Many outdoor kitchens are prefabricated into kits you can build on your own at an affordable price.

  • LED Automatic Lights

If you want to update the lighting, you may also want to consider safety. After the sun goes down, automatic LED lights are energy-efficient and will turn on when someone walks by to keep your family and guests safe while walking about the backyard.

  • Add a Fire Pit

Nothing is cozier than sitting by an outdoor fire pit. You can create beautiful memories of roasting marshmallows or singing songs around the fire.

  • Use Bug Repellent Tiki Torches

No one likes dealing with pesky bugs and mosquitos. Tiki torches are a fun way to repel the bugs while adding mood lighting to set the ambiance of your backyard.

  • Create a Garden

Summer cleaning also means tending to the backyard landscape. Gardening is incredibly therapeutic and does wonders to improve your backyard space. Create a small plot to grow some vegetables or add seasonal flowers. For an added element, throw in a small fountain.

  • Build a Patio or Deck

If your backyard doesn’t have a designated patio, you may want to consider building one. A deck or patio is a great way to separate your backyard into different areas.

  • Add an Outdoor Rug

When you have a patio or deck, outdoor rugs can be a beautiful accent. They’ll add a splash of color and coincide with any outdoor furniture you may have.

  • Build a Fence for Privacy

You always want to treat your backyard as a little oasis. It’s no surprise that you might want to have additional privacy in your outdoor living space. Consider building a fence surrounding the backyard – this will also add an element of safety for your pets and children.

  • Buy an Oversized Umbrella

The weather can change during the summer and you may end up dealing with a little bit of rain. Whether you need a reprieve from the sun while reading a book or need shelter from the rain, an oversized umbrella is a great alternative.

  • Install Outdoor Fans

Where you live might mean the summers are too hot to enjoy sitting outside. Installing outdoor fans can alleviate this issue by cooling you off. It's well worth the investment if it means you can enjoy being outside longer.

  • Include a Daybed

For a little dash of luxury, a daybed will do just the trick. You’ll get that resort-style vibe while you lounge by the pool and relax after a long day at work.

  • Include Fun Outdoor Games

There are tons of outdoor games you can set up in your backyard that are fun for all ages. Corn hole, ladder toss, horseshoe, or even a mini-golf area are great ways to make your backyard more enticing.

  • Build an Outdoor Bar

Who wouldn’t love coming outside to an outdoor bar to enjoy a summer’s afternoon? You can make it elaborate or set up a small station on a cart. Either way, your guests will love being catered to with a quality drink while spending time in the sun.

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