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Top Places for CCTV Installation in Your Home

In today’s time, installing CCTV in homes has become a mandatory requirement. Not only these cameras can safeguard your assets, but it also ensures that your house remains protected when no one is present inside. Be it the dome camera or the infrared cameras; several CCTV technologies will help you keep an eye on every nook of your residence, both the interiors and exterior.

However, even when the use of CCTV cameras for residential places increases with each day, there is still a section of people who are not much aware that proper placement of CCTV cameras is paramount to ensure that it captures all the images and videos. In a hurry to install CCTV, people either choose a location that is not visited frequently, or the camera feeds get blocked by shades, doors, etc. With such location choices, there is no use for CCTV installation.

CCTV Installationn Heidelberg

Right placement of CCTV:

For this reason, here, we have described the places where your camera should be, irrespective of whether you are buying one CCTV or multiple.

Front door: exterior facing

The most important area where you need to have the CCTV installation is the front door. Whether you have a deck or a patio, installing a camera will help you keep an eye on everyone and everything.

Back and side doors, and windows: exterior facing

If your home has backdoor or side doors and window, you will need the CCTV installation in these places also. These areas are the off-sides and hence, keeping an eye here is important. You have to add multiple CCTV cameras, each on the outside area of the side doors or windows.

Driveway and garage: exterior facing

For CCTV installation in the driveways or the garages, make sure to choose appropriate locations such that the camera can capture the number of plates and the driver when the car is entering and leaving. This is why you will need two cameras placed separately; one will be tracking the entry while the other will keep the cars' records leaving your home.

Yard or lawn: exterior facing

The next important area that you should not miss is the yard or lawn. It is one of the most vulnerable areas where CCTV installation is mandatory. This will be exterior facing, and hence, you must choose a camera that can withstand water and the scorching sun’s heat. Apart from this, you must get an infrared camera lens since. Usually, intruders come through the lawns or the backyards after sundown. For homes with large lawns, placing multiple cameras will be helpful.

Common visited areas: interior facing

When we talk about the interiors, the first place where you need to have the CCTV installation is the common area. Be it the living room; the kitchen comes dining room, the study, or any other place, CCTVs will help you keep an idea of all these areas where people from outsides usually visit. If one of these areas is too big for CCTV cameras, you need to install a second one so that the video footage can easily cover almost the entire ground.

Stairs or hallway: interior facing

The last indoor area where you have to install the CCTV camera is the stairs or the hallway. When someone is entering your home, they will cross the main hallway or climb the stairs. So, the best position to keep an eye on the people coming to and leaving your house will be this. Ensure the camera’s lens is in a direction from where the person’s face can be seen easily.

Well, you can be as generous with CCTV placement, but remember, this comes at a cost, and so you must choose the right place for CCTV. Also, you must check the features of CCTV like colored image capturing, storage capacity, and others.

CCTV Installation


The places we have mentioned here are the most visited, and surveys have seen that intruders usually linger in these areas, trying to find an entrance to your home. So, make sure you choose the perfect person for CCTV installation and get it installed in any of these locations at the earliest. 

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