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Becoming an Electrician: Tools That
Professional Electricians Keep Handy

Tools for Professional Electricians

People these days are becoming self-reliant, prefer doing and fixing everyday stuff on their own. Some of you might have seen a beautiful electrical Ferris wheel tutorial on YouTube and wanted to try it. Maybe your child loves making circuits and experimenting with them. For all these activities, you require specific electric tools. Moreover, if you want to become a professional electrician, you need a complete kit consisting of all types of tools. Apart from that, you can buy such tools to repair your electrical system on your own.

Tools That an Electrician Can Use to Fix Your Electrical Problems:

Wire Stripper

Generally, wires are encircled by protection, and you need to use a gadget to eliminate is essential to remove the insulation layer around the wire. Therefore, you can use wire strippers to remove this layer. These tools look like a plier, and you can find them in various sizes to manage different kinds of wires. These are extremely handy and frequently used apparatuses. An electrician may keep various wire strippers in their kit like sheath stripper, adjustable stripper, automatic or manual wire stripper, etc.

Tools for Professional Electricians

Tape Measure

When you are dealing with wire, it's crucial to know definite estimations when chopping or stripping. An essential retractable measuring tape gets the job done; furthermore, many of you may demand the exact placement of apparatuses and outlets. However, accessible models with lock systems having multi-step, magnetic tips, and different elements make the work easier for an electrician.


Screwdrivers are the most necessary tool and amongst the traditionally used tools. An electrician can use an assortment of screwdrivers to lose and fasten the bits of hardware. With the option of multiple shapes and sizes in the market, an expert these days carries an adaptable and versatile screwdriver. Moreover, an electrician uses screwdrivers that have insulating handles, which prevent them from getting electric shock.

Tools for Professional Electricians

Electrical Tape

An electricianuses electrical tape to cover wires or other electricity-conducting items. These self-adhesive tapes are made of various materials like glass cloth, PVC, copper foil, etc. Moreover, you can find it in various colors, and you need to choose the best one according to its insulating power, adhesion strength, thickness, and width.

Tools for Professional Electricians


You will find pliers in every electrician tool kit or mostly in everyone's house tool kit. In addition, you will find steel pliers with insulating handles in the market, which will add more strength for better grip. You can use it for gripping, straightening, cutting, bending, or twisting the wires. Moreover, there are various types of pliers available in the market such as combination pliers, side-cutting pliers, long nose pliers, and many more. So, you need to use the right one according to your needs.

Tools for Professional Electricians

Electrical Tester

Before starting to deal with wires and current, you must ensure that there is no current flowing in the circuit; for this, you require an electrical tester. It is an essential tool that electricians should have, but you should keep it at home for general use. It is also known as a voltage tester, which illuminates light if it meets the running voltage. 

Tools for Professional Electricians

Electricians always keep these tools handy, and they can carry such tools to repair your electrical system. These are the basics of any electrical works. But, without prior training and certification, you cannot perform any electrical repairing work and you need to gather some experience in this field. If you do not have such certifications and skills, then you should call an electrician to fix your electrical system.

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