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Tips to Keep House Super Clean With Pets

Keep House Super Clean

House cleaning is a never ending burden on your shoulders, but some very simple tips can reduce the burden of cleaning for you. In fact, some of these ideas may surprise you as some chores may be as easy as cleaning up after yourself. Cleaning a house with pets is not that easy. it requires a lot of efforts and time from the person cleaning.

So you have a lot of hairballs, feces and stains on your carpet from your pet? Perhaps you're not sure what you can do to get rid of this problem. Now anyone who owns a pet knows how hard it is to keep their pet clean. Pets shed all the time, they like to bring in presents, like other animals (and other people's trash), and they like to leave "presents" behind for another animal or human to clean up. It's enough to make an owner want to cry.

First, set up an area for your pets to romp

Pets are always bringing in dirt, so try to set up an area for them to romp around. This can be a large area rug or even just a bucket that can be swept out occasionally. You want to keep your house looking as clean as possible, and the last thing you want is for your pet's mess to look like it belongs there. If you have carpeting, it's helpful to have a rubber mat under the pet's bed. If you have hardwood floors, make sure they are well-swept and vacuumed often. Pets love to "go" on carpeting, but it will stain if not cleaned up right away. If you don't see it right away, treat the area with club soda immediately. If you have a yard and your dogs are always playing outside, services like pet waste removal near me are really helpful. You don't want to risk having your dog eat the poop or bring it in the house.  

Keep the floor clutter free

Pets make messes. If you have a dog, you know about the muddy paws and dirty fur that can come with it. So if your house is already messy, you might be afraid to let your dog in. If this sounds like you, try setting up an area of the house specifically for your pet. For example, if you have tile floors, put down an area rug or two for your dog to play on. Put some toys there too so they'll want to play on that area rug instead of the nice carpet in the living room. When you do this, you're making it clear what's off-limits to your pets and making it easy for them to keep the mess on their side of the house. You don't have to designate an entire room as their space; just set aside a small corner of your living room or kitchen where they are allowed to go. 

If you're not a dog or cat person, house cleaning is even more of a challenge. But it's possible to keep a tidy home and still give your pets lots of room to run and play. When designing an area for your pets, consider your space limitations and the needs of your animals. A small apartment or condo might not have room for a large dog run or cat tree. If you must confine your pet to the indoors, be sure to provide him with enough space with multiple toys and chews to entertain him during his confinement. If you can't give your pet enough outdoor time, consider paying for a doggy day care or hiring a pet sitter when you're away from home.

Make cleaning pet hair easy

Keeping a clean home with pets can be seriously challenging. It's not enough to vacuum every once in awhile; you literally have to vacuum every day or two to keep up. The hair literally falls out of your pet's coat all day long, and it gets everywhere.

The following are some ideas for keeping your home clean regardless of whether you're living with pets: Keep your floors clear. It's amazing how much hair falls out of your dog or cat while they're just lying around the house. If you don't want to vacuum all the time, make sure you get down on the floor and remove all the loose hair yourself at least once a day.

Use an electrostatic cloth. An electrostatic cloth is like a Swiffer wet mop that collects dust, hair and dirt instead of just pushing it around into another part of the room. They're cheap and easy to find at any office supply store.

Vacuum with care. A lot of people don't realize that vacuuming actually pushes pet hair around rather than collecting it, so it's important to get all the right attachments for your vacuum cleaner. You'll want an attachment that allows you to deep carpet cleaning so you can get down underneath it where all the pet hair hides.

Overcome your fear of weird smells and scrub the floors

Keeping your house clean is a way to eliminate unwanted odors. Not only this, but it will set a good impression when you have guests over because they are less likely to notice the other smells around the house if your home is clean.

Set aside an hour when you won't be bothered

There are three angles to consider when trying to keep a clean house: time, money and effort. With a little planning and effort, you can avoid the frustration of having a messy house and the embarrassment of guests seeing your mess.

We've compiled some time-tested tips that can help you keep your house tidy with minimal effort and expense. Set aside an hour when you won't be bothered. Make sure you choose a time when no one will be interrupting you (for example, don't schedule it for when your children come home from school). If you want to make this easy on your family, pick a day when they all have activities outside the house.

Takeaway: House cleaning is like like a puzzle, put all the pieces together and you'll quickly see yourself becoming more comfortable with each room.

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