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6 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Own Party

Because you are supposed to have fun at parties, after all! Use these tips to help you enjoy every party you host:

1. Ask for help. You may have invited family and friends to a celebration at your house. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to do 100 percent of the preparation by yourself. Potlucks are definitely in right now. Do you love your mom's salsa? If so, nicely ask her to bring some to your party. Do you have a close friend who mixes tasty cocktails? If so, delegate beverages to her! If you have a neighbor who goes by your favorite bakery while taking their children to school or a co-worker who lives close to a good wine store, don't hesitate to ask them if they can pick up something to bring to your party. The same is true for helping to clean up after your party. There is a good chance that it will make your guests feel good knowing they can help out, and they will be excited to contribute some extra tasty treats for your special event. So definitely don't hesitate to ask for help.

2. Keep things simple. There are some occasions that call out for some formality. However, most parties that you host at your house can be kept pretty casual. That should make hosting your party easier. Schedule out as many party tasks several days before your event as you can to help simplify your party day routine. Streamline your to-do list by breaking it down into decor lists, chore lists, and shopping lists. When you do this it will help to ensure you are not doubling your efforts around the house or having to make extra trips to the grocery store. Furthermore, you can also Shop Elyxr in advance to help you rejuvenate yourself while preparing everything for the party. This type of simplicity will go a very long way towards keeping yourself sane so that you can relax and enjoy your party!

3. Don't hold anything back. Based on my personal experience, one thing that can often prevent me from enjoying my own party is all of the stress that I feel about having to be constantly prepared to get whatever my guests need. Does that sound familiar to you? We can all get this stress under control - and give ourselves more room to have fun - by getting everything out ahead of time for our guests. Pre-pour your beverages. Set all of the serving tools, cutlery, glasses, and plates out that your guests may need for the dishes that you are serving at your party. Set out a coffee machine so guests will know they can brew coffee themselves. Set extra toilet paper rolls out in your bathroom. When you don't hold anything back, it encourages your guests to just help themselves whenever they need something so you can enjoy yourself. It will also make them feel more comfortable inside your home!

4. Plan your clean-up ahead of time. If you spend most of your party stressing out about how you are going to deal with the big huge mess after everyone has left, you definitely will not be able to enjoy yourself. Set some realistic expectations for your clean-up process before your party even begins to help fight off this tendency. For example, if you know your party will run late, plan ahead of time to rinse your dishes in the sink before going to bed. Then in the morning, you can thoroughly wash them. When you are proactive, you will feel much less overwhelmed as your event is winding down. You may also want to enlist a family member or friend to stay and help you clean up. Ask if they would be willing to help in advance.

5. Incorporate some favorite party elements. Hosts tend to focus more of their attention on the aspects of their party that will be most enjoyable for their guests. Of course, that is understandable, but it can sometimes take away from being able to have fun. When planning your next party, don't hesitate to add your favorite cocktail or party dish to your menu. Add songs to the playlist that you would like to dance to. Add a party game that you enjoy, browse a huge assortment of light-up bubble guns and wands. If anything goes wrong during your party, you can at least know here are some things you can enjoy and look forward to.

6. Use the buddy system. I wish I could promise you that everything will go perfectly at each party you host. However, that would not be honest. However, just because something goes wrong doesn't mean you must automatically not have fun. Using the buddy system will make it easier for you to roll with the punches. Ask a loved one or close friend to be your buddy. If a guest breaks a vase accidentally or the wine does not arrive, your buddy will find you. You can handle the problem together in half the amount of time. That way you can return to enjoying your party.

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