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5 Tips and Tricks to Disinfect Your Home Fast

Disinfect Your Home

Cleaning your home can be a tiresome task. But it is worth living in a hygienic place you call home. If this is your first experience cleaning, it is understandable that you have no idea what to focus on first. Some prefer to sweep the floor first before disinfection or the other way around. As long as everything is spotless, that is the goal of housekeeping.

Speeding up the cleaning process is possible. It is done as you discipline yourself when you spruce up everything. When you get used to the main disinfection areas, you will not feel like you broke a sweat. You can follow these five tips to disinfect your home quickly for more efficient cleaning.

1. Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

High-touch surfaces can contain germs after continuous use. Think of your doorknob, remote, smartphone, faucets, table surfaces, toilets, light switches, and more. You need to clean up the dust accumulated on the surface before disinfection. Doing so makes the cleaning agent more effective once applied to the surface. In addition, it can protect you and your furry friend from any potential bacteria. Products from Emerald Prairie Health can give you an idea of what can be the best disinfectants for your home.

2. Do Not Mix an Acid With Bleach

While bleach has a strong smell, it is made out of water. The main chemical, sodium hypochlorite, varies from 5% to 8%. It is not recommended to mix with any acid because it releases a pungent odor. Despite this, it cleans up strong stains in the bathroom. Assure that you have good ventilation in any room of your home to let the scent settle in all corners.

3. Wash Your Cleaning Tools Frequently

After cleaning, you still need to wash the tools you used. Even if it used many cleaning agents, it interacted with the various bacteria that got absorbed.

You can rinse your tools with clean water and let them dry for future use. Do this for all of your existing cleaning products. It ensures that even with the tools you use, there will be no germ buildup. Scrub the extra grime out of the tools when needed too.

4. Use Microfibre Products

Microfibre products can gather dust faster than a normal wet towel. Not only that, but you can wash them after use. It can save you time and money than relying on other products. However, using bleach or fabric softener with microfibre is not advisable. The chemicals in those products can degrade the microfibre and loses its capability to capture the dust. Instead, you can apply isopropyl alcohol to the surface and clean it with a microfibre cloth. You get double the disinfection for more efficient cleaning.

5. Encourage Cleaning as a Group Activity

You can encourage your family and friends for a weekly cleanup. For the family, it teaches everyone the importance of maintaining their only home. You can start small, from sweeping the floors to wiping the tables after eating. After that, you may introduce disinfection on used surfaces too. It is especially helpful for the child as they grow up. Then, they will know what to do when they plan to clean up on their own one day.

Wrap up

Disinfecting your home is more than just a simple cleanup. Efficiency in cleaning makes everything a breeze for you. May this encourage you to be mindful of your own surroundings. 


Author’s Bio:

Frank is an energetic salesman. On his free days, he spends his time writing and reading about environment-friendly and safe cleaning materials to help households and pet owners learn about them to protect their health and maintain clean surrounding.

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