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Tips to Clean Paint Stains from Sofas and Couches

You may have recently repainted your home, or your children may have decided to paint their artwork on your newly bought furniture. Even though you had carefully covered upholstery with drop sheets or bubble wrap, drips and droplets of paint find their way beneath the covers. It's annoying, but the great news is that most stains can be cleaned with only a few common household materials. Premium Upholstery Cleaning Perth is a leading upholstery cleaning company. We have been in this industry for more than a decade and have a team of highly skilled sofa cleaning Perth professionals. We can help you remove paint stains from your beloved sofa or couch. So, don’t panic and continue reading this article to learn a few tips on how to clean paint stains from your upholstery.

Clean Paint Stains

Act quickly

When it concerns paint stains, time is the key. It is critical to act fast once you discover it. Since paint gets more challenging to remove after it sets, it increases the likelihood of a permanent stain. Cover the spill with paper towels or rags and blot up as much as possible without rubbing. Test any cleansers in an obscure area first before applying them generously to the evident area.

If the paint is fresh, you can easily remove it. However, if the paint stain has dried, you must quickly call couch cleaning Perth professionals and seek their assistance as soon as possible. Professionals have access to cutting-edge tools and industry-approved cleaning solutions with the help of which they can easily remove any paint stains from your new furniture without inflicting any harm to its fabric.

Remove Acrylic Paint

Splashing acrylic paint on your couch or any upholstered furniture may be disastrous. You can't even throw it in the washing machine, so what can you do in such a situation? Add glycerine to the stains and gently wipe it up for a fast Leatherupholstery cleaning Perth solution. Scrape all the extra off with a scalpel or any tool with a firm edge, gently wiping the instrument after each pass. Remove any leftover residue with rubbing alcohol, then rinse with water and a light detergent. Blot the paint with a sponge or a towel and vacuum once dry.

Clean Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paint is the most difficult to remove from upholstery. Oil and water oppose each other, and oil-based paint has a thicker texture, which takes longer to remove on average and necessitates a deeper clean. To eliminate oil-based paint, add turpentine or spirits to the stain quickly before it hardens. For dried-up stains, use turpentine to get the stain soluble again, then blot with paper towels. Remove any leftover residue with rubbing alcohol before cleaning the stain completely with a sponge and a light detergent. You can also hire a sofa cleaning Perth service for a more comprehensive cleaning.

A professional company such as premium Upholstery Cleaning Perth can offer a highly effective stain removal solution for your sofa and couch at a reasonable rate. Another perk of hiring professionals is that your upholstery will be carefully cleaned in minimal downtime so that you can focus on what truly matters.

Some paints, such as spray and waterproof paints, are exceedingly tough to remove and may be too difficult to remove on a domestic level. If you have difficult paint stains on your sofa or couch, it may be time to call in the pros. Certified cleaning professionals can remove any stains you're unsure about. Contact us today to learn more!

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