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Best Ideas for Throwing Memorable Outdoor Parties

Memorable Outdoor Parties

Outdoor parties are such a blast - everybody loves them. You can throw outdoor parties for all the occasions and celebrations. For instance, you can host a birthday party, a pool party, an outdoor movie night party, a barbecue, a picnic party and so on. The sky is the limit. However, putting together a party can be stressful for the host. It doesn’t have to be so, though. We’ve compiled this list of some of the best ideas for throwing memorable outdoor parties for you to try.

Regardless of the occasion, every party has some mutual aspects: the location, food, drinks, decor and music. We just adapt the aspect to match the specifically themed party. We will cover some delicious party food choices as well as refreshing party drinks. Other party aspects we’ll also share some insight about include fun and engaging party activities and festive decor ideas. And lastly, we’ll mention some of the pro party tips that can help you raise your party to the next level.

1. Delicious party food choices

Every party needs food - the food brings people closer together. Outdoor parties are specific as you can be creative and play with food. The food choice will largely depend on the type of party you’re throwing. Let’s look at some interesting food choices you can serve at your outdoor party.

You can serve some salsa and guacamole with tortilla chips - it’s a great starter. It’s good to have some snacks until all the guests arrive.

Another option is some tasty and good-looking finger food - there are so many choices. You can opt for making these yourself or you can order them. Finger food can work both as an appetizer and a main meal. You could also go for a barbecue.

As for desserts, you can serve some fruity ones or even create a s’mores bar.

2. Refreshing party drinks

As far as party drinks are concerned, there are also numerous options. If you’re hosting your party on a hot summer day, or a regular (hot) day in Australia, you should go for some refreshing drinks. Prepare plenty of ice - you can make it in some amusing shapes and fill the trays with herbs and fruit to spice it up a bit. Offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Some of the choices include lemonade, fresh orange juice as well as some exotic-tasting cocktails such as mojito or pina colada. You can find many ideas online. Make sure that you provide cocktail decorations such as umbrellas, straws and other things.

3. Fun and engaging party activities

When it comes to party activities, there is also a myriad of great choices. Their purpose is to engage people and make them bond. You can host a karaoke party and rent the necessary equipment. Moreover, you can go for photo booth hire in Sydney, New York, London or any other large city. It is a fun way where your guests can bond and create memories. Additionally, you can organize some fun yard games.

4. Amusing and festive party decor

To make it a real party, you should consider the party decor. The decor adds feelings of festivity and celebration. One of the best ways to set the party mood is by hanging some string lights and banners all over your yard. You can also position some flowers either as centrepieces or yard decor. You can also go for fun party cups, plates, napkins and other party essentials. Whatever fits in your theme, you can use it as a decor idea.

5. Additional pro party tips

Besides these, there are some additional pro party tips that will elevate your party to a whole new level. To impress your guests, try using some of these tricks. To make your guests feel super comfortable, prepare a basket full of essentials such as wet wipes, hand sanitizers, sun hats, bug sprays and similar things. Keep drinks cold - especially in extremely hot climates. You can do that with an outdoor fridge or by filling a small pool with water and ice. Provide some cup toppers, to prevent bugs and dirt from landing in your guests’ cups. Also, prepare tags and sharpies so everyone can mark their cup.

These tips can make any party planning a bit easier and the party itself more amusing - try them!

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