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Telltale Signs That It’s Time for Window Replacement

Window Replacement

Are you considering window replacement as part of your next home renovation project? Do you know how to tell when it’s time to replace the windows in your home?

Your home windows do a lot more than just let in sunlight and fresh air. They protect your home from the elements as well as ensure that your home is energy efficient. Therefore, it is imperative that your windows are in good working condition.

In the following article, you will learn how to tell if it’s time for windows replacement. As well, you can decide if you wish to upgrade to windows vinyl for added energy efficiency. Read on to find out more.

How to Know If You Need Window Replacement

  1. Your windows have not been replaced in many years.

Most windows are designed to last for a long time. However, like everything else, they do eventually need to be replaced. If it’s been quite some time since you have installed replacement windows, you should upgrade to energy efficiency vinyl windows with double or triple panes.

Even the best windows will lose their insulation properties as time goes by. Poorly insulated windows can cause air and water leakage. Window replacement can protect your home.

Those who have purchased older homes should check to see when their windows were last replaced. Modern windows with enhanced energy efficiency can better insulate your home while also lowering energy costs.

  1. You are noticing window condensation between your window panes.

Some window condensation is indeed normal, especially during the colder or humid months. However, if you are noticing increased amounts of condensation or frost between your window panes, it could be time for window replacement.

Excessive window condensation is an indicator that the window seal is damaged. Upgrading to double or triple pane windows can prevent window condensation. Adding inert gasses such as argon or krypton between the window panes is the best way to prevent window condensation. As well, adding low-E coatings can help keep your home comfy all year round by deflecting both cold and heat from your window panes.

  1. Your window frames are damaged beyond repair.

Like anything else in your home, you will notice normal wear and tear on your window frames. However, as time goes by, damage to your window frames can affect the overall operation and effectiveness of your windows. As your window frame was designed to keep your windows in place, it is crucial that they are still in good condition. If you notice that your window frames are cracked, warped, or otherwise damaged, you will need full window replacement. Damaged window frames can lead to issues with the structure of your home as well. Ask your local windows expert if total or partial window replacement is needed. Total window replacement is replacing the window in its entirety while a partial replacement is when the window glass itself is simply replaced.

  1. Your windows are not operating properly.

Are you finding that it’s more difficult than usual to open or close your windows? Are the windows sticking? Are you unable to properly latch or lock your windows? These are signs that the window replacement is imminent. It could be something as simple as replacing hardware, the glass pane or you could need full window replacement. Ask your windows company for a free in-home assessment to determine the condition of your home windows.

  1. Your energy bills have increased for no apparent reason.

Windows that are no longer energy efficient can lead to rapidly increasing energy costs. If your windows aren’t performing as they should, your heating and cooling systems will have to work harder than usual to heat or cool your home. As well, if your windows are cracked, you could have issues with drafts. A sudden spike in your energy bills is a telltale sign that you are in need of replacement windows that are more energy-efficient.

  1. You are putting your home up for sale in the near future.

If you are considering selling your home, replacement windows are a wise investment. Those looking to purchase a new home are willing to pay more for a home that is move-in-ready. As well, new windows can do a lot to boost your curb appeal. There are dozens of options for stylish window designs to choose from.

When you are ready for window replacement contact Oakville Total Home Windows and Doors. We can give you a free estimate on energy-efficient vinyl windows. Choose from our extensive selection of high-quality window designs. Call today to schedule an in-home consultation.

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