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How Tech Has Overrun Every Aspect
of Human Lives

Are we creating technology or technology is creating us?

Starting from shaping different technology for human convenience we are standing at a brink where these techs have complete control over our lives without the slightest doubt.

The technology comes with a lot of power and one of them is to change the world. Technology has unreservedly changed the way we think and go about our daily lives because it has paved the way for our future in a way we see no other way to be.

There is nothing from the smallest daily life chores to high-end commercial tasks that can be done without the assistance of technology. Not only technology is the culprit, but it is we who have been so dependent on applied sciences for everything that we do.

Here is a case in point to understand how technology has overrun every aspect of human life seamlessly from domestic to industrial, commercial, mental, and emotional that we cannot imagine living without it no matter what.

Technology has three major aspects; goods and services, human activities, and technological capabilities. The interrelation of these aspects has given rise to the never-ending demand that in some ways has made us slaves to technology.

Technological capacities enable technological activities that in turn produce new and innovative products that automatically create a need in our life making us think we cannot survive without otherwise.

Without further ado, let’s look into how these technological aspects have changed our lives in unimaginable ways.

Lifestyle and fitness

Starting from the most trendy and the something that has become an essential part of our lives is fitness tracker for weightlifting. Workouts have never been so convenient to keep track of without activity tracker for weightlifting. They offer ultimate practicality to everyone from beginners to professional athletes and even layman. From setting your goals to tracking your steps, sleep, heart rate, and daily reminders and notifications it offers an outright functionality.

How about having such a nifty gadget in attractive and tempting designs that can be worn casually.

Well, this is how technology has enabled convenience along with style and trend. Roaming through the market you will see from the best watch for weightlifting to the most affordable options that have unique and innovative features.

Accessibility of high-end products that are in everyone’s reach has made people think that it has become necessary for them to get themselves a fitness tracker or else their workout is not complete.

Aren’t we here for looking into things that have taken over the human world in a way that we have become slaves to technology?


Remember how activities create products that in turn expand the technological development. Transportation has been a vital medium for various reasons. Starting from the most basic medium to move from one place to another we are living a future where we can track every inch of ground we cover in the most advanced way with GPS backup cam. Who would have thought we would have been able to keep a log of where we are going, how many miles we have covered, where we are at the very moment, having a visual record of the whole drive, and whatnot. Not only this you are able to control the locks and the engine of your car remotely.

Well, who would not want to use such technology that enables them to move things on their fingertips? Besides that, GPS with backup camera offers ultimate security for your cars along with the check if you have kids.

All the good comes with advancement as these technologies are in everyone’s reach, which makes it a necessity. You can find the best GPS for car all over the internet and in your local market.

Here’s a little treat for you. If you are looking for one, Garmin GPS with backup camera is an overall Bluetooth backup camera that offers high-end functionality just like the best aftermarket backup camera.

From GPS cameras to Bluetooth tire pressure checker, heads-up display, auto hybrid coffee maker for cars, dash cameras, and cell phone signal booster to whatnot, everything has become digital. These things have taken over the conventional ways to go through the things.


Look around your house and you will see not less than 10 gadgets that without those you cannot imagine your life.

For instance, how amazing is it to sit on a couch and command your voice-activated vacuum? What a relief!

A fun shower experience is worth everything after a long tiring day!

If you are a bathroom singer, but damn that vocals are unbearable. No need to worry!

Showerhead with speakers makes your shower time as exciting as anything.


Are you going crazy or what? Water-free washing machines!

Coming right out of a sci-fi movie or another planet, here we have water-free washing machines that use hot air and steam to clean dirt off of your clothes. It is just about time, easy availability of such machines will completely outrun traditional machines as no one needs to get into a wet mess.

This is not just the end, we are here going insane realizing we have tag-scanning washing machines, self-cleaning surfaces, electronic pest suckers, gelatinous sanitizing spheres, window cleaning bots, and self-cleaning toilet seats.

Our households will never be the same without all these technological help because where they have made our lives easier, they have made us completely dependent on them.

That time is not so far when we just have to sit back and let the technology do everything for us.


Let’s just take some examples from the most basic need, food. There is nothing left in the kitchen to do as from chopping to making an end meal we have innovative gadgets that just need a few instructions and there you have your meal prepared for you ready to stuff in your tummy.

Here are some of the amazing techs that assist us in the kitchen, eliminating all the effort;

  • Portable electronic fruits and vegetable peeler
  • Wifi-enabled cooking machine
  • Trash compacting machine
  • Automatic spinning dish-washer
  • Automatic jar opener
  • Handheld espresso machine
  • Dual breakfast sandwich maker

These are just a few examples. What is there to make your kitchen experience any better?

A bot to feed you!


Right when you think what can be advanced in a bedroom, here you see the unusual that leave you needing it like more than anything.

For instance, look at these techs you thought you never would have thought of were so important for you.

  • Swivelling outlet surge protectors that saves significant space.
  • Smart lighting panels that use an app to change colors, set a timer, schedule turning on and off along with synchronizing it with your music.
  • Multitasking smart side table that comes with a quiet cooler drawer, motion-triggered lighting, white noise player, and synchronized alarm clock.
  • Sleep improvement robot sleeps improving your sleep with different sleep meditating noises it plays along with following your breathing pattern to provide comfort.
  • Smart bed do the simplest things in the most complex manner. It controls the temperature of the both sides of the bed, gathers sleeping pattern, heart rate, respiratory rate, room and bed temperature. Not only this, here’s a little more, but this bed is also equipped with wifi that enables you to change lights as per the settings set by you and also make your coffee when you wake up in the morning.

What else is there you need to ask from technology to do for you?


Not only limited to indoor, technology has got you covered when it comes to outdoor technology that can be used, in fact, that has become essential for everyone, for instance;

  • Outdoor audio systems have become essential for every house as no relaxing and parties are complete without a piece of good music. These are not just regular music systems, instead, they let you whatever you want to listen and where. You can control various stations with one device.
  • Water-resistant televisions let you watch your favorite series while you enjoy the rain. These televisions are anti-glare, so it does not matter if you are in a mood to enjoy rain or have a sunbath.
  • What else could be better than generating free energy? Lower your electricity bills with efficient solar-powered systems no matter smaller or larger.
  • Who wants to get out of pool just to change music? No one likes to do that. Get yourself a poolside system control that enables you to control every gadget or electronics right from into the pool. No more interrupted lazy summer afternoons in the pool.
  • The fun does not end with the summer! Patio space heaters are the way to go for cold evenings. These heaters can be charged with solar power, saving your electricity consumption on the whole.
  • Where space heaters offer comfortable cold nights in the yard, wall mounted outdoor fans with water sprayer make your hot summer days more pleasing and bearable. Outdoor mounted fans are the best way to get some fresh air without sweating yourself. It all starts where you stop thinking, outdoor wall mounted waterproof fans spare you from the worry of carrying your fan inside whenever it feels like rain. Outdoor wall mounted oscillating fans with remote control gives you access to the settings without getting up or fighting over how is going to lower or raise the speed. Decorative wall mounted fans not only are useful, but they also enhance the outlook of your yard or patio. You can find every design for a wet rated oscillating fan in a wide price range.

Isn’t technology awesome, significantly when it helps in improving your home, office, and lifestyle overall. Everything has been now connected to the internet from the most trivial to the most significant like consumer products, vehicles, goods, commercial, industrial, domestic, and other everyday objects, coining the term internet of things.

Where on the one hand it is creating ease for humans, it is also raising significant security and privacy challenges that can be invaded easily because of a larger network. As far as convenience is concerned, it has more benefits than security issues. Technology is not that far from getting to the point where security would not be an issue because of the integration.

This would not be wrong to say ‘welcome to the future’.

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