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Why Making a To-Do List is Important

To-do list

By Indy Summers

When we think of making a to-do list we might think, is that really necessary? After all, you can remember all that needs to get done at home, work and in other activities. We might even consider such a list old fashion, but when we stop thinking of it, some of us have no issue with writing stuff on our calendars or having a daily planner where we jot things down either appointments or things that need to get done. Turns out a to-do list has just as many benefits that each and every one of us can certainly find beneficial. Here are some reasons why even today to-do list continues to work effectively.

Helps Prioritize Things

Sometimes we can feel bombarded with all we need to get done in a day. We may feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. Writing out a to-do list that helps us to see all our task and be able to see which one is most important will help. As a professional one would love to be able to remember all of the tasks necessary and their day-to-day duties, unfortunately, with all of the details the brain takes in on a daily basis it's very likely that you will forget certain responsibilities if you don't have an HR checklist to ensure your job is done with complete accuracy. A lack of accuracy as an HR Manager can lead to a catastrophic chain of events that could pull a company further away from its overall goal. with this being said, failure to be effective as an HR Manager means failure for the company, which means your job is at risk. Even when it comes to working in a job where things aren't so structured, having such a list will help you stay on task.

Provides Better Outlook and Less Anxiety

Research has proven that the human brain seems to keep things in perspective when things are written down. Just being able to see what has to get down can help put a person at ease and maybe not make things seem so overwhelming. Having a to-do list, perhaps even breaking tasks down into steps that are smaller helps to relieve stress over what needs to get accomplished. It also helps the brain to process things, sometimes having things written down because the brain maintains so many things but a to-do list is a great way to refresh our memory and help us not to feel stress over things we need to remember.

We Gain A Dependable Reputation

When we have a to-do list we come across as someone who is always on top of things. Someone who can be trusted and who is dependable, who always gets the job done or is on time along with making good use of their time. We might even gain a certain amount of confidence in ourselves because we start to see ourselves accomplishing the things on our list.

How to Use a To-Do List

There is no direct science on completing a to-do list. Some of us may be perfectly happy using a daily planner to keep us organized throughout the day. Others may want to write things down on paper as notes, such as on post-it notes that they keep around them. Another method that is catching on these days is using technology, such as typing it out on a laptop or even storing it on our smartphones. There are even those voice activated programs these days that store things for us by our voice commands. It would really come down to what a person is most comfortable doing and what works effectively for them. The main thing to know is that having a to-do list is beneficial and can be an important part of keeping a person organized throughout their day.

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