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Here's the Ultimate Summer Lawn Care Guide

When it comes to lawn care, summer is one of the busiest months you'll have. In the winter, your lawn will be hibernating, and through the summer, most of your work will go toward bringing the grass back to life. As spring turns to summer, your children will spend time playing on the grass, and your pets will be running back and forth playing fetch, so artificial pet turf could be a solution (learn more about turf for dogs here). You may also have regular events with friends and family, so your lawn must be up to the job of steady footfall. With some essential maintenance through the summer, you'll give your lawn its best chance of staying healthy even with the extra footfall it will have to endure. If you need any more about maintaining your garden, visit

Jobs to Care for Your Lawn Over the Summer

The main job you'll need to do over the summer is to mow your lawn, and as it comes to June, you'll most likely have to mow every two weeks or even weekly to keep the grass from becoming too long. If you want to get that classic striped pattern after trimming your lawn, cut the grass at a slightly higher setting, as longer grass will bend more, giving the classic lawn look. You can also use a roller to enhance this if you have people coming over and want your garden looking its best. If you're going to be away for longer than two weeks, you may want to find someone to cut your grass for you to maintain its health, or if this isn't possible, cut the grass slightly shorter than you usually would to prevent it from getting too long.

With the increased temperature in summer, you may also need to water your garden. Depending on your region's climate, it may not be necessary to water your garden at all, or it may be something that needs doing every week. If you live in a mainly dry area, then a sprinkler system can make this a much easier job, but a garden hose can do the job just as well.

You may also find that your lawn is becoming discolored, which means that the soil may not have enough nutrients to keep your grass healthy. A nitrogen-rich fertilizer will work well in the summer and can help your lawn looking healthy and thick. Your fertilizer should be applied evenly over your lawn, and should only need to be used once or twice throughout the summer to keep the soil saturated with nutrients.

Weeds will also flourish during the summer, and soil that's well-fertilized for your grass will also create the perfect condition for other plants to grow. Creeping plants like clover can quickly take over if not taken care of, so take a selective weed killer and apply it carefully to any weeds as soon as possible. Weeds can also be pulled out by hand, but make sure to remove the root as you pull, as they may grow back if only the surface is removed.

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