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Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Dirt is like thousands of tiny blades that are cutting fibers of the carpet. When you pass a dirty carpet, sharp dirt particles are mixed against the yarn and made of microfibers. All the dirt in cleaner bags is your beautiful carpet to your port at a time. When the dirt scratches the fibers, the sheen gets dull, by high-speed areas appear dull than the rest of the carpet. Over time, grinding dust also wears off the fibers making them easier to mat and stain. Follow these steps to clean up your carpet tips so that it is as dirt-free as possible.

Dry powder cleaning

Dry powder cleaning is the "master" of cleaning technology. This method mixes mild natural detergents with a small amount of water, detergents, and safe solvents. The composition was then sprayed on the tap to form clumps that looked like sawdust. They are like micro sponges, dissolving and absorbing dust. Then evacuates the bond to leave a cleaner carpet surface. It won't clean thoroughly because it can remove dirt on the carpet surface. This method is suitable for the commercial use of preventive cleaning.

Professional steam cleaning

Professional steam cleaning such as Carpet Cleaning Stevenage can remove bacteria, dust mites, and peculiar smells in high-pressure and high-temperature steam. This method removes dirt, mold, and unique odor on the carpet, and hugely improves the carpet's appearance. This deep cleansing is very suitable for corporate and private use.

Bonnet cleaning

It is also called "dry cleaning" in some companies. It is not a chemical cleaning method, but moisture-free cleaning. As only the surface is cleaned, the carpet usually dries within 30 minutes. In the bonnet cleaner, spray the neutral detergent on the carpet, rotate it with rotary wipers, and add a dry cotton pad. This method is suitable for commercial use and is used for regular cleaning to give the carpet a clean appearance.

Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction uses high-temperature mixed water and detergent to remove dirt, debris, and grime from the carpet under high pressure. Both tanks are usually equipped with detergent to extract hot water. All Dirty water is saved in a reclaimed water tank. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to remove dirty water and dirt from the carpet. Hot water production is an effective method of deep cleansing for commercial and household use. This process helps to remove dirt from upholstery fibers.

Encapsulation Cleaning

Before applying the encapsulation layer, vacuum the carpet. Then put the rotary vibrator on the top of the faucet, which can absorb and isolate the dirt on the nozzle, thereby inhaling the isolated dirt. Since it is a low-humidity system, reused the carpet immediately with minimal downtime. It is also an excellent cleaning and care method for commercial carpets, ideal for keeping the carpet surface upright.

When starting a carpet cleaning, professionals like Upholstery Cleaning London should be able to advise you on the best way to clean a tapestry, depending on the type of tapestry, the amount of dirt it contains, and the desired effect.

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