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Checkout How Stringybark Firewood
Enhances your Camping Experience

Stringybark Firewood

An occasional picnic and camping with your friends and loved ones give you a reason to be happy about life. But, not just a picnic but a warm and happening time with your family is enough for counting the positivity of life. Especially in winters when we all sit across the fireplace, have our favourite meal and chit chat about our lives.

The beauty of winters is impeccable, and no doubt it is the favourite season of most of us. But, as the House Stark of the famous show GOT said, ‘Winter is Coming’. And we are again excited to cover ourselves in warmth during the cool breeze.

Do you guys know what makes our camping experience and evening time at home in winters so perfect?

A stable campfire with kiln dried logs that lets us feel its comfort and allows us to cook under the clear starry sky with our friends makes our winter experience perfect.

And how do we get this stable fire?

For a stable bonfire, you need perfect firewood that spreads its warmth for a longer time. Unfortunately, not a lot of you might be aware of stringybark firewood for the best camping experience. Don’t worry; we are here to update your knowledge.

Stringybark firewood is not very well known but is a premium quality firewood to burn at your fireplace.

Here are a Few Reasons to Choose Stringybark Firewood to Burn for Intensifying your Camping Experience.

  • Stringybark firewood are highly durable:

You can find stringybark firewood for sale in the southeast part of Australia. They are hardwood and highly durable. They can burn for a longer time with fast and low burning flames.

  • Resistant to lyctid borer attack:

Lyctid borers, also known as powder post beetles, are responsible for deteriorating the outer portion of the timbers. But the lucky thing is that stringybark firewoods are not prone to lyctid borer attack. So we don’t need to worry about it.

  • Easily dries through conventional air:

Forest woods store water inside their trunks even after days they are cut off. So for an effective campfire, the woods should be as dry as powder. Stringybark firewood dries easily using kiln seasoning and conventional forms of air. Hence it saves you from putting extra effort to burn it in your fireplace.

  • Not susceptible to termites:

The best property of stringybark firewood is that, unlike all other firewoods, it is not susceptible to termites. Termites destroy the firewood from inside and make it completely useless. Because of the termite resistant properties of stringybark firewood, we can easily store them for a longer period.

  • Unique and limited:

Well, we can call this property of stringybark firewood a demerit. These firewood are unique and are available in limited quantities. So if you are lucky enough, you will get to experience the heat of this firewood that possesses so many great qualities. In addition, you can flaunt its presence in your house in front of your friends.

  • Other uses:

Why should you buy Stringybark as bulk firewood in NSW? Stringybark firewood is not only good for burning, but its high density and thin texture creates lightweight furniture like weatherboards, fencing, and framing. The timber of this firewood saws and sands well.

Final words:

Stringy firewoods are unique and limited but are great for a stable fire in your bonfire and home fireplace. Their timber is hard and durable. They dry out easily and, most importantly, are resistant to wood’s enemies like lyctid borer and termite. They are great for combustion, but some people also use them in light construction of poles, posts, fencing, and framing. You can preserve stringybark firewood for a long time, and it will enhance your camping experience. Browse multiple options and get high-quality hardwood logs for sale.

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