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5 Tips on How to Have a Stress Free Move

Stress Free Move

In a recent study, 6 out of 10 people cited moving as the most stressful event in life, however, the fact is, it doesn't have to be! We have done our research to find the best tips for a stress-free move. These 5 tips and some other tricks will help your next move be as peaceful as a yoga class, so let's get started!

1. Find Your Movers ASAP

There are plenty of reasons you might be moving, and doing it alone is never easy. Finding an experienced and reputable moving company early on is essential for a stress-free move! Many people like to move over long holiday weekends or weekends in general so those days tend to get booked fast.

Check out online reviews and ratings for your local moving companies to feel out which team will be the best for you. The Best of Utah Moving Company is a great option for whatever your moving needs might be. Their professional staff will offer a free estimate for the cost of your move and they have competitive rates. Meanwhile, for UK residents, you may rely on platforms like WhatManandVan for professional moving companies in Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, and anywhere in the UK.


When selecting movers for your big move it might seem tempting to enlist the help of a few friends or an amateur moving crew, however, you must keep in mind that this is your livelihood that is being handled. Professional and trusted movers are trained on how to handle, pack, and move even your most precious possessions.

Your friends and family are a great support system to enlist for the move, but leave the heavy lifting to the pros! If anyone was injured or accidentally broke an item of yours it could start your new move off on the wrong foot.

2. Make a Moving Checklist

Durning your move things will be stressful and science proves that stress and anxiety can cause forgetfulness and even memory loss! That is why you must have a moving checklist. The checklist will help you keep all of your thoughts, goals, deadlines, etc. in a centralized location so that you can consult your moving needs all at once.

For your checklist consider making checkpoints for the following:

  • Room packing
  • Room downsizing
  • Contract deadlines
  • Moving deadlines
  • Hiring movers
  • Notifying utility companies
  • Confirming move with the current landlord
  • Notifying work of time off if needed
  • Child and pet care for the day of the move
  • Update address with the post office
  • Clearing out the fridge
  • Packing the garage

These are a few of the significant checkpoints that can help you keep your move streamlined and efficient. Having some order amidst the chaos will help you stay calm and stress-free!


Keeping your moving checklist on paper might sound like a quick and easy way to jot things down, however, do you remember what we said about stressfulness and forgetfulness? With all of the hectic weeks adding up to your big move there is a change that you could lose your paper checklist and have to start from scratch. Instead, consider using a tablet, laptop, or cell phone to create your checklist. This way you will be less likely to lose the list!

3. Downsize in Advance

Don't wait until the week or day of your move to begin downsizing and decluttering your home. Your new home is a fresh start, so start early on getting rid of any excess clutter or unnecessary items. Start with a small room like the bathroom and get rid of any old products or toiletries that you are not planning on bringing.

From there you can tackle bigger rooms such as the master bedroom and the living room. Create three piles a keep, discard, and donate. Downsizing these items will mean you have less to pack and less work to do!


Once you have made your keep pile go through it again...and again! You might find that the items you originally wanted are superfluous and can be discarded or donated.

A fun way to decide is to leave the keep pile alone for a few days and then try to make a list of everything that was in the pile. Any items that you forgot were in the pile can probably head into the donation bin!

4. Keep Your Paperwork Organized

Organization in and of itself is a proven stress reliever. During a move, you will be handling many important documents and valuable paperwork such as deeds, social security cards, wills, insurance paperwork, and more. These documents can be easily misplaced during your move.

Keep all of them in a central location and always put them back immediately after use. It is also good practice to make doubles or electronic copies of your documents just in case they are lost.


If you don't already own one, a fireproof safe is an excellent option for all of your essential documents. Fireproof safes are of course fireproof, but they are also waterproof and can be locked with a key or code for safety. Knowing your documents are safe and secure will be a great peace of mind for you in your new home!

5. Make a Survival Kit

When moving your essentials are usually packed up in any number of locations. A moving day survival kit is essential to keeping you stress-free and on schedule. Consider packing the following items into a backpack for the moving day:

  • Pain reliever
  • Water bottles
  • Coffee or energy drink
  • Personal fan
  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Snacks
  • Phone chargers
  • Band-aids and anti-bacterial cream
  • Change of clothing
  • Cleaning wipes

These are just a few essential items that can help you keep cool under the pressure of the big move. One more thing, don't forget the celebratory bottle of wine or sparkling cider!


On your moving day, keep things casual and comfortable. Wear comfortable and close-toed shoes and relaxed fit clothing as they will help your mobility and comfort! Things can sometimes get messy during a move so having a back-up outfit is a good idea as well.

Having a Stress-Free Move

A stress-free move is easier than ever with these tips and tricks! Following this guide will help your next move go smoothly and quickly without any headaches!

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Moving isn't the only stressor in life. Keeping cool under pressure is the key to prosperity. If you would like to learn more about keeping the balance in life then check out the rest of our site today!

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