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5 Ways to Stay Warm and Cozy Year-Round

Stay Warm and Cozy

When it’s time to switch out the seasonal wardrobe, it’s hard to find things that can help us stay warm and cozy year-round. Items that are just as useable in summer as they are in winter. After all, that heavy jacket or super thick blanket is of no use when the temperature is only 60 degrees. Yet, we still crave certain items to keep us insulated and comfortable.

Fortunately, there are a few items that can be easily purchased, or kept around, for when the craving for cooling comfort kicks in. Here are five ways to stay warm and cozy year-round.

Have a favorite mug

Mugs are a staple in most kitchens. And there’s a good reason for that—they have multiple uses. But perhaps what mugs bring most to mind are hot beverages. Hot chocolate, tea, and coffee. That’s why having a favorite mug around, one that you reach for every time you need a pick-me-up or perk-me-up can come in handy. With a favorite mug, you’re inclined to have warm thoughts around your beverages, in addition to them being warm themselves. Just imagine a mug full of hot chocolate and marshmallows in your favorite mug from college, a trip, or a gift someone you love gave you. Without even sipping the beverage itself suddenly you probably have warm thoughts. Those warm thoughts will warm you up and help you stay cozy, no matter what time of year it is.

Order several pairs of your favorite socks

Have you ever put your feet on a friend or family member, while relaxing on the couch, only to be told that your feet are cold? You think it’s poor circulation, or something is wrong. But there isn’t. Heat rises, even in our bodies, and especially because our feet are an extremity (like hands), which means our feet are the first thing to get cold. To stay warm and cozy year-round all you need is a good pair of comfortable, insulating socks that will keep your feet, and thereby the rest of your body, warm. They can be funny ones with patterns—like penguins, tacos, your pet—or more cabin style of reds, greens, and whites. You can even order ones with the fuzzy insides, which are incredibly comfortable after long days out in the cold. And, if you want to be bold, get a pair that hugs each toe! But whatever you do, order several pairs of your favorite socks. Since they’re the easiest thing to lose or misplace in a wash, numerous pairs of cozy socks are guaranteed to keep your feet warm no matter what the season.

Light some candles

Candles make any home, or room, instantly more warm and cozy. It’s what they are designed to do. When you light candles the fire itself gives off heat, that’s a given, but the aroma of the candle carries throughout a space to make it more inviting, and more relaxing. You can choose a single scent like vanilla, pine, cedar, cinnamon, or lavender. You can even choose to mix and match scents and place them throughout your space for a subtle but curious combination of aromas. Like sea salt and vanilla, or pine and cinnamon. Whether you’re in the mountains, by the sea, or in a desert climate, lighting candles is an easy and effective way to create a warm and cozy vibe.

Try an electric fireplace

Say the word “fireplace” and mental images of hot chocolate, beautiful snow, and blankets instantly appear. But not everyone has a fireplace that roars with the sound of crackling wood as the smoke rises in the chimney. Yet, you can have part of that. An electric fireplace is a great addition to any home, especially apartments or small spaces, with any environment. Because the electric fireplace draws in the cool air of a room it can be used anywhere. Once that cool air is in, it heats it internally using a coil before it pushes the warm air back out with an internal fan. Essentially, it mocks what a real fireplace does without the necessary space, risk, or materials. You can use it on cold nights or even when you’re just chilly after a cold shower.

Buy a wearable blanket

One of the best ways to stay warm and cozy year-round is to have a plethora of comfortable blankets to choose from. They’re perfect for one in each room, with different variations of thickness, and styles. Because a blanket is something you can live in, literally. So what if there was a wearable blanket, one you could go from couch to dinner without ever having to take it off? The wearable blanket is perfect for when you just can’t get enough of that cozy feel. You can layer it with long sleeves, short sleeves, long pants, or shorts. You can even throw it over your pajamas for extra comfort and wear it to bed, under your regular blanket. Plus, it can be worn all year round, throughout all of the seasons.

When it comes to warm and cozy not all items need to be wearable. That candle will provide just as much comfort as the wearable blanket, but maybe differently. Try these items the next time you find yourself in a cold and uncomfortable moment and instantly transform into comfort.

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