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What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your Home Decor?

Would you consider taking inspiration from your star sign when you next decorate? Maybe these pointers can inspire you or, at the very least, give you a heap of exciting decorating tips to consider for your next project.

If you’re thinking of doing some home improvements, you might seek all kinds of different types of inspiration. Some people like to go with what they like visually, some people enjoy decorating along the lines of Feng Shui, minimalism or even the emotions related to colours. Others focus solely on textures.

Today, we want to inspire you with some interesting decor pointers related to your star sign. Yes, really! Who knows, it might just resonate with you…


Aquarius types may lean towards modern, or even futuristic decor styles, mixed with creativity and artistry. There will be an awareness of boundaries, but as much an understanding of how boundaries might be broken with decor. Experimentation and freedom to express are natural to you when it comes to interior design.


Pisces tend to be very zen when it comes to their decorating styles. It is all about creating a comfortable, relaxed space away from the world. Hygge works well for Pisces because it is all about creating special moments, and Pisces enjoys getting away from it all whilst also being social. Most of all Pisces will stick to authentic design choices they love, even if those choices don’t follow the latest trends.


Aries decor is bold, brazen and forward-thinking - just like the Aries character. You want to try everything new at least once, and you are not afraid of bright colours, loud patterns and brave new trends. You have a huge imagination and you will do everything you can to bring that to your home.


Taurus is house proud, which means the home gets decluttered regularly. You likely have a need to keep everything well-organised and anything ugly well and truly out of the way. Your home design is sleek, polished and opulent. Luxurious fabrics, scented candles and tactile furnishings suit the Taurus decor style.


Gemini truly cares about building strong relationships with other people. Your decor is likely to have plenty of social spaces built into it. Gemini also likes collecting so collectibles are worked into the design of the home. You probably decorate quite regularly as you really enjoy variety.


Your house is your haven and it represents who you are. Sentimental items, comfortable items and meaningful pieces are the priority for your decor. The priority spaces for a Cancer are the kitchen and the living room, where everybody gathers together. These areas should be the most engaging and comfortable.


A Leo believes that the home is a reflection of what you have achieved and how much you have succeeded in life. You always strive to do better than others in your decor, and don’t shy away from one-up-man-ship. A Leo shouldn’t feel ashamed to go full opulence with their home decor, letting gold, sparkly things and expensive accessories lead the way.


A Virgo is a practical decorator, ensuring that everything in the home has a purpose. The layouts are very well thought out and organisation is key. A Virgo doesn’t put aesthetics first and ensures every table, storage unit and seating area works for the family. However, a Virgo has a sense of pride and care that means whatever works practically for the home, also looks great at the same time.


Libra strongly leans towards decor that invites others in. Cosy bench tables, huge seating areas and lots of lovely lighting suit a Libra with their decor. Pastels, understated beauty and attention to detail are all strong Libra decorating styles.


Scorpios are very minimalist in their style so Swedish minimalism and no clutter are strong lines of style for this sign. You’re honest in displaying all you are, and all you like, but care enough to ensure it ties together and looks good. A Scorpio also loves a detail or two that keeps guests guessing.


A Sagittarius needs to feel free in how they decorate and express themselves at home. You desire a true connection with the colours and items around you. A Sagittarius’s home will likely have interesting natural pieces, hand-carved furniture, ornaments with a story and plenty of ethically sourced bits and pieces that spark conversation.


A Capricorn is a strong person who likes the home to be strong, secure and resilient. No fads or fashion here. Instead, there are clear zones, room divides, high-quality furniture pieces and classic decorating choices. A Capricorn is drawn to timelessness over trends any day of the week.

Whether you believe in star signs or not, it’s certainly interesting to think about whether or not your sign styles could help you with your next decorating project. Could you leave it to the stars next time you do some home improvements?

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