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7 Genius Space Saving Ideas for Smaller Homes

7 Genius Space Saving Ideas for Smaller Homes

Did you know that there are 2.3 billion houses in the world?

There's no doubt tiny homes can be pretty challenging. If you have one, you know how easy it is to feel cramped, cluttered, and claustrophobic. The hardest part is making the most of a small space.

And while it can take some time, if you do it right, you'll find a home within your home. Read below to learn about these space saving ideas.

1. Creating Additional Storage

Creating additional storage options is one of the small homes' most genius space-saving ideas. This can be accomplished by utilizing areas such as beneath the stairs, over doorways and windows, and even high up on the walls. Using the closets by adding more shelves and compartments can also create more space.

One great idea is to install a back-of-the-door organizer for incoming mail and everyday items such as car keys and jackets. You can create additional storage space in your home and make it work with creativity.

Items such as storage beakers and baskets can also help to maximize storage space in small homes. Utilizing these methods can help a family have more space to work, play, and relax. There are endless options for creating additional storage in a smaller home. All it takes is creativity, patience, and dedication.

2. Creative Bed Storage Solutions

Smaller homes are becoming increasingly popular, and limited square footage demands careful planning for efficient storage solutions. Murphy bed installation is a genius space saving idea for smaller homes.

Beds with in-built storage compartments, below-bed drawers, and even shelves below the mattress are all options to create much-needed storage space. Wall-mounted beds free up floor space, making it possible to fit in extra furniture and finally build that home office or guestroom.

3. Maximizing Rooms with Mirror Reflections

Mirror reflections are a genius space-saving idea for smaller homes. This idea adds dimension to the room. It creates an illusion of more space without taking up extra physical space.

Mirrors can be used in all areas of the house. It can use in the bathroom to create an illusion of extra space. It can use in the bedroom to reflect natural light and add a feeling of spaciousness, and even in the kitchen to reflect backsplashes and create a more expansive kitchen.

Another excellent strategy for space saving with mirrors is to add full-length or accent mirrors to smaller spaces. This will make the room look bigger and open up light and color to make the area feel brighter and more inviting. A side benefit is you can also check your look when you're leaving for the day.

4. Capitalizing on Vertical Wall Space

Vertical wall space is a great way to maximize the use of smaller living spaces in a home. Utilizing the vertical space on a wall means that items that would otherwise take up valuable floor space can be stored neatly and organized. Adding a vertical stacking shelf to the wall can give you extra storage for items such as clothing, keeping them off the floor and making better use of the space.

Storage shelving above door frames can provide more space in a small home. You can also hang a shelving unit on the wall or add hooks and pegs. This allows you to turn craft items, pot plants, mugs, and plants to save taking up space elsewhere.

Capitalizing on vertical wall space and using creative solutions can make your home look and feel more spacious. Utilizing the sturdiness of the wall to add extra storage items makes use of the vertical wall space and can help you to make the most of your home. Hanging a TV from the wall not only looks sleeker and more modern but also frees up floor space.

5. Multi-Functional Decor and Appliances

Smaller homes are becoming more prevalent, and multi-functional decor and appliances can make managing and organizing a smaller space much more accessible. For instance, a wall-mounted flip-down table can be used for everything from making meals to dining and even as a laptop workspace.

Stackable furniture and shelves can store a wide range of items, from bedding to cookware, without taking up too much floor space. Other genius space-saving items include multi-purpose decorative benches and trundle beds that can be rolled away during the day.

6. Kitchen Cupboard and Pantry Organizing

Smaller homes often require a lot of space saving ideas regarding organization and storage. Kitchen cupboards and pantry organizing can help maximize space, so it is essential to get creative. Utilizing stackable shelves, slides, and turntables, as well as adding multi-level drawers, can all be space-saving genius ideas when organizing your kitchen cupboards and pantry.

Consider hanging baskets, pegboards, or other unique organizers to create an organized and tidy area. Using the back of a door for over-the-door organizers can also be a great space saver. Creating labels that are either hanging or using spill-proof shelves can also assist with storage.

7. Declutter to Maximize Your Capacity

Living in a smaller home doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your available storage. With careful planning and organizational genius, you can declutter your home and free up space to live comfortably.

Place cabinets and bookcases close to the ceiling to take advantage of space. Hang curtains, wall art, and mirrors to create an illusion of more space and rid yourself of bulky furnishings.

With a bit of creativity, you can declutter and maximize the capacity of your smaller home. Don’t be afraid to get creative when using your current storage options—like using coat hangers to store lids in kitchen cabinets or stacking plates and bowls creatively in a small dish cupboard. Rearrange the remaining furniture to give the appearance of a bigger space.

Space Saving Ideas You Should Try

Living tiny does not mean limiting your lifestyle. You can make your small home a functional and stylish space with a few smart decisions and creative space saving ideas. Use vertical storage to keep your living spaces clean and organized, and use cleverly designed furniture to maximize the limited space.

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