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5 Space Heater Safety Tips

If you are looking to offset the chilliness in your room without turning on the central heating system, a space heater can do the trick. These heaters can be a comfortable alternative to old furnaces and modern central heating systems.

Space heaters can quickly heat up a single space or give a boost to your central heating system. Unfortunately, they are also potentially dangerous, and according to National Fire Protection Association, responsible for 43% of US house fires.

However, it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you follow safety tips with your space heater. Here are our top five space heater safety tips for better performance and zero risks.

Top 5 Space Heater Safety Tips

Space heaters are not only convenient to use, but these are also pretty cost-effective. An efficient space heater is ideal for heating the cold spaces in your house, like rooms and bathrooms, and can even give your HVAC system a kickstart.

We have listed down some safety tips for your space heater so that you can enjoy it to the fullest without any worries.

Pick the Right Space Heater

The first step to safety is picking the right space heater, without compromising on quality just to save a few bucks. The material of the components matter a lot, and so do the in-built safety features.

Look for features like automatic overheat protection, tip-over protection, and so on to avoid any mishaps. If you have kids in your house, you also want to ensure that the heater stays cold to touch while running.

Place Correctly

You might think placing a space heater on a higher surface is safer, but that’s not always the case. Placing these heaters on shelves or cupboards can make them fall over, giving rise to fire hazards.

Although some models can be hung on walls, others need to be placed on a hard, leveled, and non-flammable floor, such as a ceramic tile floor.

Furthermore, placing space heaters in the bathroom is not always a good idea due to the moisture, but for example, these bathroom heaters have safety features, so you can be calm.

Another tip is to keep the space heater three feet away from your children, pets, and any flammable materials in the space, such as curtains and bedding.

Plug it Safely

Plugging your space heater in an extension cord is a bad idea. It increases the chances of overheating, which might lead to a fire. So, look for a direct wall outlet to plug the unit, one which can handle the load.

If you have no choice but to use an extension cord, use one specifically designed to support heaters. In addition to that, make sure all the cables run on top of carpets or rugs, and they are out of the way of your walking space.

Switch Off and Unplug

You don’t want to leave your space heater unattended, ever. Leaving these units running all day and night will not only double your electric bills, but it might also lead to dangerous consequences. Although many models have programmable timers for automatic on and off, others need to be shut manually.

It is necessary to turn off and unplug the heater before going to bed or leaving the space. If you plan to use the unit while sleeping, go for one with a programmable shutoff timer for extra safety.

Keep a Check

When you purchase a new heater, it does not need professional inspection too often, but you have to keep a check on it. Inspect your unit once every few days and clean it as required for safety. Wiping off any dust can also help reduce the spread of allergens in the space.

After you have owned the space heater for some time, have it professionally inspected every year. Also, keep trash or other flammable materials away for your system, and ensure safety on a daily basis.


If you use a space heater to keep your space warm during the chilly seasons, follow the five safety tips to be safe at all times. Take these extra measures to keep your house as fireproof as possible, so you’re always at peace.

Other than that, always keep sure your fire alarms are working so that if an emergency does occur, you are instantly notified and can take necessary measures in time.

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