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See What a Smart Water Purifier Filter
Can Mean for Your Lifestyle

Learn about the health benefits that a smart water purifier filter can provide for your family and lifestyle. 

Water purifiers have had a glaring problem that became apparent from the time they were first invented. The first water purifiers were little more than jugs and pitchers with a receptacle that you put a water filter into. This water filter was good for a limited amount of time. After it had filtered your water for a while, it became too saturated with impurities to do its job effectively, and it had to be changed. 

But there was no reliable way to accurately estimate when the filter was no longer doing its job. The purifier wasn’t connected to the experts at the manufacturing facility, so they couldn’t tell you. Manufacturers would issue filter changing guidelines based on the amount of time the filter was used, instead of the much more accurate measurement of the amount of water volume the filter had processed. 

This problem meant that both large offices with many employees were changing their water filters just as often as small families were.

But with the connective and data storage capabilities of the digital age, intelligent product designers soon solved the problem by introducing a smart water purifier filter. 

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Convenience of the Smart Water Purifier Filter

The smart water purifier filter corrected the problem of relying on the wrong measurement concept in specifying how often to change the water filters. By relying on the old guidelines, large offices weren't changing their filters often enough, and small families were wasting their money changing a water filter that didn't need to be changed. 

Water filters these days are engineered to filter out a number of types of impurities. These impurities range from sediment, dirt and rust, to chemicals and pollutants, down to bacteria and viruses. Each type of filter has its own life expectancy, and using the filter past its lifespan can be harmful to one's health. 

The smart water purifier filter notifies you via a smartphone app when it's time to be changed. It will even alert you when it's getting close to the change time so that you can be prepared with a fresh filter.

But the smart water purifier filter goes beyond that to store useful data that can be handy to keep you apprised of whether your children are staying hydrated enough or how much water your family drinks every month. 

If you have a problem with your water purifier, the manufacturer will be aware of it and schedule a maintenance visit with you. The app can even award points based on how many glasses of water your family drinks. 

By harnessing the power of the internet, your family will enjoy clean and fresh drinking water as a constant part of your active lifestyle. To find out more information on this new generation of water purifiers, contact Snaptec today. 

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