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Silky Smooth: Best Reasons to Use Silk Pillowcases

Silk Pillowcases

There's a perfectly good reason we use the phrase, "Smooth as silk." Let's admit the fact that silk is one of the smoothest things in this world. The praises about silk are not even confined solely to inanimate objects. The term "silky smooth" gets thrown around even when talking about food.

There is nothing like the liquid smoothness you will feel when silk flows on your skin. The tingle and sensations it gives are unlike any other material on earth. Even if silk is expensive, you can never go wrong with this cloth.

Silk has been around for a long time now. That says a lot about its quality and timelessness. When you think about silk, more often than not, you're also thinking about the rich and famous. It's a stamp of having a higher status in life that anyone will recognize.

You see it everywhere. If businessmen and women want to show off confidence, they might use silk coats or neckties. The best quality printed silk can wrap around the handle of your bag or cover your head like a bandana. If you wanna be more comfortable, you can buy silk pajamas or nighties for a more comfortable sleep. Only your imagination is the limit on all the great things about silk can be.

But if you want to go down to fundamentals then you would know where silk is perfect for. Sleeping and rest are the most basic needs we humans have apart from food and water. A good night's rest can change your whole day, maybe even your lifestyle.

Try resting your head and body on the best quality pillowcase silk available on the market. Once you do, you're sure to feel revitalized and fulfilled every time you open your eyes. That is because apart from its texture, silk has many proven health benefits that will change you in the long run.

How It's Made

Some of you might get grossed out by how the silk production goes. Don't worry. It'll pass soon enough. The harvesting of silk is still in production after thousands of years. Yes, silk is not mass-produced in some factory in an unknown country. Silk is painstakingly woven from the cocoon of silkworms. Thousands and thousands of these cocoons go through boiling just to get a few pounds of beautiful silk. Therefore, these silkworms go through cultivation to supply the billions of cocoons needed to make silk.

China was the first to develop the process of silk production. For the longest time, the secret to generating silk was heavily guarded. Although in the long run, this secret got out and spread. To this day, China still holds the title of number 1 silk producer of the world. They supply 74% of the world's raw milk supply.

Benefits of Using Silk

It Softens Your Skin

If you're suffering from dry and flaky skin, buying a silk pillowcase could boost your confidence. Dermatologists have often praised the special way that silk hydrates your skin, especially after a good night's sleep. We all know that having clean and moisturized skin will keep you glowing. Your skin will have fewer wrinkles and look timeless and radiant.

Goodbye Allergies

Silk is a naturally produced material. Because of this, silk does not need treatment with harsh chemicals that can damage your skin. So, using a silk pillowcase can help you avoid starting any allergic reactions.

Healthy Hair

We all know that silk is one of the smoothest and softest materials out there. If you rest your head on your own soft silk pillowcase, you will surely have healthy hair every day. The silk prevents your hair from developing tangles and extra breakage. This will keep your hair soft and moisturized no matter how restless you sleep.

Relieve Skin Irritation

Special types of silk were produced to help relieve skin irritation. It's a European produced silk called DermaSilk. It is free of sericin which is a protein found in raw silk. With this type of special silk, your irritated skin will be free of redness, itching, and flaking.

Silk is also friendly to sensitive skin. Because of the long and smooth fibers of natural silk, this can help your skin lock in moisture. This will leave your skin smooth and soft all around.

Sleep Tight

This might be the best reason to buy a silk pillowcase. The smooth texture and soft feel of the silk on your skin will guarantee a good night's sleep. The natural material of silk will stop it from crumpling or bunching up. This will give you an even surface to lay your head and face on.


Silk is by far one of the smoothest things you'll ever come across in your life. Its smooth texture and wonderful feel will have you craving for it every day. You will not only enjoy how it shines and feel, but it will also give you great benefits to have you wanting more.

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