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5 Signs Your Windows Need to Be Repaired or Replaced

Window repair services are something many people will need at least once. Read on for the tell-tale indicators that you might need repaired or replacement windows.

5 Signs Window Repair Services or Replacement Windows are Needed

1. Cracked or Broken Windowpanes

The glass portion of your windows is where the most obvious signs of damage appear. Breaks or cracks in a pane may cause air or other elements to seep into your residence and could put the entire pane in danger of shattering. Single-pane windows are especially vulnerable to damage or injury.

While many cracks or holes are caused by impact damage or wear-and-tear, pressure cracks in a windowpane could indicate structural damage within the residence itself. These cracks generally extend from one side of a pane to the other side.

2. Misalignment and Other Visible Signs

Any part of a window's structure that appears abnormal could be a cause for concern. In addition to the pane, the window frame can display signs of deterioration or damage. Wood may look decayed or feel soft to the touch. Even paint chips could portend a problem with the frame's structural integrity.

You might also notice gaps between the wall and the window frame or between the sill and the frame. These spaces might mean the window was improperly measured or installed. Seals on the windows could appear broken as well. If the caulking seems sloppy or uneven, its effectiveness could be diminished.

3. Functionality Problems

Several different types of windows exist, and some are more prone to damage or functional problems than others. For example, double-hung sash windows often stick when they are failing. You should be able to open and close a good window without any problems or without exerting any force.

Likewise, a functional window should not make odd noises that sound like squeaks, creaks, or crackling when it is opened or closed.

4. Water Leakage

Faulty window installation or damage leaves a window highly vulnerable to leaks, especially during storms. A windowpane that feels wet or overly hot or cold from the interior could potentially signal a leak. Long-term water seepage may eventually cause molding around the window, peeling of wallpaper and paint, and puffiness or rotting within the nearby walls.

In addition, condensation or fogging might appear between windowpanes. The emergence of water vapor within panes is often a first sign of the need for imminent window replacement. Dependable windows free from structural issues that leave them in need of replacement will typically come with a solid warranty, a free quote, and no-overhead costs, such as with 3 Bidz Windows.

5. Loss of Energy Efficiency

Leaky windows are often so serious because they indicate a larger issue with the window's insulation capabilities. Windows are already responsible for around one-quarter to one-third of cooling and heating energy, according to the Department of Energy. As such, damaged or aging windows will not just hurt your residence's curb appeal: they will put a strain on your HVAC systems and drive up your energy costs.

If your window are cracked, otherwise damaged, dysfunctional, or leaky, the problem can cost you in monthly bills and in expensive repairs or replacements. Protect yourself by trusting your next window installation to professionals who emphasize an honest, value-minded customer approach and superior, high-quality service.

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