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7 Signs You Need Air Duct Repair Service

Leakages and holes in the air ducts affect the functionality of the HVAC system. Even the heated and cool air can’t be distributed in a building evenly when there are leakages in the ducts. These days, different duct repair services Melbourne are offered by the companies. The experts have the relevant tools and possess immense knowledge about defects and faults. They can fix the issues easily. To ensure that your ducts remain healthy, you need to contact professionals at the right time. The following warning signs would help in identifying that your ducts require repair:

1. Noisy Ductwork

Usually, the HVAC system does not make loud noise while doing its work. If you hear unusual noise from the ductwork, you could ask the experts to check it. The noise indicates that the HVAC system is working harder. It happens when there is debris in the ducts or some structural damage is caused to them.

2. Higher Energy Consumption

If your energy bill is higher than usual, you can hire duct repair specialists. This excessive consumption of energy by the HVAC system happens when there are leakages in the air ducts. The system consumes additional energy to perform its task.

3. Poor Airflow

When there are cracks in the air ducts, the air does not reach every corner of the house or office properly. You can find a significant reduction in the quantity of air when there is a problem in the ducts. Professionals have various gadgets that help them in calculating the airflow. They can find out the places where cracks and holes are present. They can fix them in no time.

4. Dusty Air Vents

Over time, dust particles, mould particles, pet dander and many other contaminants accumulate in the ducts. These contaminants are passed into the ducts through impure air. Insufficient cleaning of the air ducts results in dirty air vents. If you discover dirt around the vents, speak to a duct repair specialist. They can find and repair the issues caused by the dirt in the ductwork. Also, you could book the duct cleaning service Melbourne for the removal of the debris.

5. Increase in Allergies

Sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and many other allergy symptoms can be experienced when there is something wrong in the ductwork. The filters are clogged with duct particles and are unable to keep the air clean. The technicians can find out the source of why the air is not being filtered. They can use the best quality tools to eradicate potential problems.

6. Mould Odours

You must book the duct cleaning service soon after you notice the signs of mould infestation in the ductwork. The mould is a fungus that not only affects the health but also causes damage to the duct material. So, it is crucial to get the ducts repaired and cleaned at the right time.

7. Varied Temperature

Ideally, the temperature of every room that is connected with the ducts should receive equally warm or cool air. If you find the difference in the temperature of every room, you surely need professional help. The technicians can check if there is a tear or hole in the ducts. They can also check other components of the HVAC system to find out the fault.


Air duct repair services should be booked by house owners or commercial building owners as soon as they find the above signs. These signals indicate that there is something wrong with the ductwork. If not resolved on time, the problems can become huge. So, book the duct repair service in Melbourne and enjoy the benefits like increased life air ducts and improved efficiency of the HVAC system.

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