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Signs Your House is a Good Fit for Solar Panels

 Workers checking to see whether your house is a good fit for solar panels

If you want to make major additions to your home, then it’s only smart to properly consider whether or not you should proceed with them. While solar panels are not particularly difficult to install, their cost does mean they require the same type of consideration. So, let’s take a look at some of the potential signs your house is a good fit for solar panels!

The right roof conditions

There are four things to consider about your roof when it comes to whether your house is a good fit for solar panels. They are roof type, tilt, orientation, and size. The importance of roof orientation and roof tilt is simple. Tilt means that your roof should be at an angle with the most sun exposure during the day. The direction of your roof is similar in that it needs to be oriented so that the sun can reach most of its surface. Roof type and roof size both have two sides to them. The right roof type, typically metal or something equally sturdy, is essential for the safe and easy installation of solar panels. The size of your roof dictates how many you can have. And both can either make solar panel maintenance easier or much harder to do.

Daily light exposure

Now, note that everything we discussed before can be rendered pointless by one simple issue: lacking daily light exposure. The topic is somewhat troublesome because your house could be in a bad location even if you live in a very sunny area. Examples include living in the shadow of a mountain or hill, having tall trees around your home, or even being blocked by another home. If your house is in the shade, then the effectiveness and, therefore, the payoff from your solar panels will be abysmal. Your home is not a good fit for solar panels unless something changes. The only issue is that most of these problems are extremely difficult to solve. They are not things you can affect, so all you can do is plan on getting solar panels after moving.

The matter of location

The fact is that some states are better suited for solar panels than others. States such as Florida, Texas, California, Las Vegas, and Arizona are great places to set up panels. Then, there are more specific locations, such as Green Valley in Las Vegas. Such cities are not just great for solar panel effectiveness. Hiring solar panel cleaning services in Green Valley, Las Vegas to let pros handle maintenance is much easier due to the density of panel owners and the businesses set up to pander to them. On the other hand, states such as Alaska, Kentucky, North and South Dakota, and West Virginia have abysmal solar panels efficiency due to their location. Naturally, they don’t have as many businesses set up to pander to solar panel users.

Local weather conditions

You might wonder whether your house is a good fit for solar panels due to the local weather. For example, if it’s cloudy, if it rains frequently, or if your area sees a lot of snowfall. First, when it comes to cloudiness, it is never a good thing. As expected, blocking out the sun will make it impossible for your panels to function correctly. Rain and snow, however, are a mixed bag. If you only get occasional rain in your area and the weather is not frequently cloudy, then it’s helpful. This is because the water washes away some dirt and grime, which can hurt your solar panels’ efficiency. Snow is highly reflective, so when it doesn’t cover up the panels, it is helpful, too. Of course, if it does, then it shuts down their functionality.

Is temperature important?

Some people believe that the hotter the weather, the better it is for their solar panels. In fact, this is a rather common misconception. As such, people in hot and sunny areas eagerly install solar panels. Only to find they work a bit less efficiently than they’d expect. In fact, contrary to this belief, it is sunny yet cold, or at least cool, areas that get the best efficiency for their solar panels. This is because extreme heat actually disrupts some of the functions of solar panels and results in energy waste.

Cost effectiveness of installing solar panels

While installing solar panels is almost always a good idea, the fact is that there is a period of time before you actually break even and start turning a profit. This is naturally because of the cost associated with both getting and installing solar panels. As such, if your energy bills are not high, it will be less noticeably beneficial for you if you do end up installing solar panels. Those with low bills are essentially spending a lot of money to fix a problem they don’t have. Though it is true, they will eventually start turning a profit. Keep in mind, too, that the subject of solar panels for renters is complex. Renting a place means that you might move out before you see the returns on the solar panels you paid to install.

Is your house a good fit for solar panels if you are planning to sell?

The final thing you need to consider when deciding whether your house is a good fit for solar panels is your plans. Of course, if you are not planning to move, you should install solar panels if your home fulfills the other criteria. However, many people would hesitate to do it if they plan to move soon. And this is an entirely wrong mindset for this situation! If you are looking for ways to improve your home before selling, adding solar panels is a fantastic choice. They boost the value of your home considerably. And their appeal means that more people will be interested in the property, to begin with.

Final word

Now that you know about the signs your house is a good fit for solar panels, you can decide what you want to do. Generally speaking, if they work well in your area, it is always a good idea to install solar panels. Their functionality and the benefits you get from them make the expense well worth it. Besides, there are many government subsidies to encourage their installation!

James Dalloway


James Dalloway is an experienced handyman with several decades of experience who has done many jobs recently on solar panels. He finds his experience and insight earned on the job worth sharing with anyone who might need it through blog posts.

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