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Yard Cleanup: 3 Signs of a Dead Tree (And What to Do About It)

Signs of a Dead Tree

Did you know that dead trees in your yard can be dangerous?

A dead tree can collapse under its own weight, posing a threat to you and those around you. Moreover, trees are home to many parasites and insects, which can crawl onto you or your home if the tree is felled.

Thus, when you notice that a tree in your yard is beginning to decay, you need to act quickly. Learn how to tell if a tree is dead in your backyard, along with what you can do about it.

1. Discolored Leaves and Bark

A common sign of a dead tree is discolored leaves and bark. This can be an indication of the tree not receiving enough nutrients from the soil. If the bark looks dull and unhealthy, the tree isn't getting enough of the important minerals it needs.

The bark should normally be both vibrant and strong. The discoloration is often an even darker shade.

Leaves should be deep green with no sign of discoloration. Discolored leaves can indicate infestations, disease, or lack of water.

If necessary, the tree can be completely removed if it is deemed to be hazardous. Click the tree removal service found here for advice.

2. Brittle or Cracked Branches

Brittle or cracked branches are often with no leaves or evidence of new growth. In addition, branches that have been weakened by weather will begin to become brittle.

If a branch is dangerously cracked or is sagging and appears likely to break, it should be removed immediately.

Branches that are brittle or cracked should be inspected for decay. Dead tree removal should be done if identified as a hazard.

If there is too much decay within a branch, you may need to hire a professional to remove the entire tree to ensure safety.

You can also take preventive steps by keeping your trees regularly pruned and by inspecting trees regularly for signs of damage or decline.

It is also important to follow proper tree care guidelines to keep your trees healthy and strong. Taking proactive steps to inspect your trees and diagnose potential issues early can help ensure that your yard is safe and beautiful.

3. Fungus on the Tree Trunk

Fungus on the tree trunk is a sure sign that the tree is dying or already dead. If there is fungus present, then the tree should be evaluated for other damage like decay within the branches or other signs of old age.

If the tree is completely dead, then it needs to be removed from the yard through proper methods in order to avoid any hazards or pests. Professional removal is recommended in order to safely remove and dispose of the dead tree.

In some cases, the dead tree can provide shelter to animals and insects, so it may be recommended to keep some parts of the tree in order to avoid any possible nuisance.

Signs of a Dead Tree

A dead tree can be costly and dangerous. But with proper maintenance and timely action, they can be prevented.

Properly tending to your yard can help identify trees that may be in the process of dying. If you think a tree may be dead, call a certified arborist to inspect the tree.

Take proactive steps to save a tree before it's too late. Contact a professional tree service today to begin your yard cleanup!

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