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5 Things You Should Not Do To Your Carpets

Believe it or not, ensuring your carpet’s impeccable condition doesn`t require great efforts. A lot of people think it is a high-maintenance object but actually in order to keep it clean you should not do such demanding tasks. However, it still needs some care – it should be treated with respect. Yet, there are some things you should certainly not do to your carpet. Read on to see how to keep it beautiful looking.

No matter what you have just spilled on the carpet, it’s not recommended to start scrubbing it despite how tempting it seems. A lot of household tasks require a good scrub but cleaning your carpet is not among them. In fact, you can even damage your carpet more as you will spread the stain. Beside from that, a lot of carpets are made up of twisted together fibers locked in with heat which means that when you use abrasive scrubbing approach on them, you can untwist the fibers causing the carpet to ‘bloom’. You surely weren’t aiming for this result when you started cleaning the stain but you can end up with a big frizzy patch on the carpet which would be even worse than the spot itself. The best way to get rid of a spill on your carpet is to gently blot the area – no vigorous approaches!

Needless to say, wearing your shoes inside of your house is far from suitable for your carpets. A lot of people neglect this but taking your shoes off will keep any tracks from dirt and soil away from your rug. Leave your shoes at the front door and when you invite some guests make sure you let them know they should take their shoes off, too. Little did you know that sometimes you can bring even some chemical residues, for instance driveway sealant. If you own pets that like to play outside, wipe their paws before you let them in – not only they will leave paw marks on your carpet but they can make a mess on your upholstery as well.

Maybe you will be disappointed to discover that all-purpose detergents just don’t work for your carpet. End of tenancy cleaners warn you that you can even ruin the carpet as some of the substances in these cleaning products are not suitable for the material your carpet is made of – trust them, they are experts! Instead of dealing with the nasty stain you can just damage the carpet – discoloration or spreading the stain are just two of the possible scenarios. So, no need to grow up in the carpet industry to know that you should only treat your carpet with an appropriate carpet cleaning detergent. However, if you need to take an emergency action you can rely on your clear liquid dish-washing soap – you should make a solution of a warm water and few drops of the soap.

Well, dragging your furniture is the easiest way to get the heavy item to the other corner of your room. It is also the easiest way to cause some ripples in the carpet. If you neglect this, you will need to re-stretch your carpet which, to be honest, can be a tedious task. Before moving the item always lift it off your carpet. However, if the furniture is too heavy you can manage to move it with the help of two sheets of plywood without letting any ripples to occur on your carpet. Place the first sheet on the carpet in front of the item and ‘slide’ the furniture on the plywood. After that put the second one and maneuver the item from the first to the second sheet. Continue doing this by changing off the sheets until you move the furniture to the place wanted. It’s simple like that to relocate your heavy items without harming your carpet.

Last but not least – do not expose your carpet to excessive sunlight. Most of the residential carpets are not colourfast which means that they will eventually fade bycause of wear, age and direct sunlight. If there’s time of the day that provides strong direct sunlight to your carpet, you better take some precautions against your carpet's fading. Maybe the easiest still the most effective way is to make sure your curtains or blinds are closed during these sunlight hours. However, as the carpet industry is evolving, there are special materials that are extensive to direct sunlight. For instance, if you have a room with direct sunlight don’t get a nylon carpet but aim for Triexta. It has great colourfast properties, maybe the best in the industry. Consider carefully when choosing your carpets as picking the right fiber type will guarantee preserving its great looks for the years to come.

Give your carpet the attention it deserves and treat it properly. Take care of it regularly and avoid the things mentioned above to ensure its flawless condition.

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