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Tips to Set Up Your First Home Together After Marriage

First Home Together

Before your marriage, maybe you lived by yourself? Perhaps, you are too fond of dealing with it all in your way. Maybe you don’t like anyone interfering in your business. Or perhaps, you headed onto this exciting adventure right from your parent’s home, new to handling domestic and financial responsibilities.

Well, in either case, setting up a home with your significant other is going to be truly thrilling and challenging after marriage. You will find challenges laid down all the way, but with the right approach and the support of your loved one, it is going to be fun. We promise! Allow us to give you a lead.

Decide Mutually

Back when you exchanged the engagement rings, you promised each other one thing; to live life as one entity instead of two. And you know what that means. Right? You need to not only support one another but also respect and abide by each other’s will.

For that very reason, when setting up your first home together after marriage, make sure that you consider both your preferences. If you prefer a certain company for some specific services, suggest it to your spouse before finalizing things. They may have better suggestions, or at times, conflicts with your choice. And this may result in unnecessary hassle later on.

Outline the Budget

Next comes the most important aspect of all, i.e., budgeting. Well, we know you wish to step into your dream house right away and spend your dream lifestyle therein. But first houses are more often a compromise unless, of course, you’ve earned or inherited billions by the time you marry.

You need to discuss with your partner and settle for a place that doesn’t empty your pockets every month. Or, if you plan to buy a house, opt for a place that still leaves a fair amount in your bank account (enough to sustain you and your significant other in case there’s damage to the property or an emergency.) Plan expenditures such that they leave you a good amount to save every month. And only in this way you can truly make it to your dream house one day.

Invest Wisely

When shopping for furniture and furnishings, spend a good time researching the market. Look into the options you have and consider the price differences. With good research, you can go for discounted versions of your desired furniture, services (paint, plumbing, etc.), decor, etc.

Plus, in the case of furniture, we will recommend you to be generous with the expenditure. Not too lavish, but not too cheap. You don’t want to save a few hundred dollars, only to spend the entire amount again in six months. Invest wisely in your furniture, so it lasts longer and saves you a good amount in the long-run. These days there are options to rent furniture as well. But again, these will cost you much more. If you feel that at a point or two, you might get bored of the purchased furniture, you can always resell it. Similarly, to save on space and costs, you can opt for air mattresses instead of luxury alternatives.

The same applies to pantry items. Always keep a good stock in the cabinets. Be it snacks, ready-to-cook meals, lentils, rice, baking goods, or whatever you both prefer. It’ll help you avoid ordering your meals from restaurants. Thus, saving costs.

Divide the Work

If either of you is planning on taking up the whole burden of setting up the entire house or maintaining the house, then we will suggest you reconsider. When the entire responsibility falls onto one, the work doesn’t only get hectic and boring but may also mess up.

So, divide the due work as well as daily chores between yourself and your partner. Perhaps, as per your skills, so you can both save costs, time, and energy and lead an efficient lifestyle.

Only you can make it your happy place!

In the end, what matters is yourself and your partner. Your house and the things in your house elevate your living standards substantially, but they’re all useless if it weren't for you. Without your energy, the house wouldn’t be home. So, don’t forget to pay attention to all the little things that matter. Don’t get too caught up in pursuit of a dream house or dream lifestyle that your significant other feels neglected. Cherish the present and what you currently own!

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