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Sensory Wall Panels - Developing Panel According to the Montessori Method

The business board became widely known thanks to the Italian teacher Maria Montessori, who was the first to prove the influence of games with latches, sockets and locks on the development of fine motor skills.

In fact, Montessori was not a pioneer. Many parents of kids, having delved into childhood memories, will say that they were the happy owners of a similar board that their dad or grandfather made for them. Even our ancestors purely intuitively understood the usefulness of such a game. Only the motives for creating a business board were slightly different - so that a curious child would not accidentally stick his fingers into the socket, he was offered a non-working thing that arouses genuine interest.

The influence of sensory wall panels on fine motor skills

In the modern world, busyboards are of interest to parents primarily in terms of usefulness. The board board helps the baby to get acquainted with the outside world through objects of interest to him, among other things, developing fine motor skills. The positive effect on the brain of work with moving parts, fastening chains and buttons, pressing keys has been repeatedly scientifically proven. Those we can safely say that a development board for children helps them understand the world faster, overtaking lazier peers in terms of mental performance.

Once upon a time, parents were forced to make their own business board. The BumbleBee Smart online store makes life easier for moms and dads with a large selection of boards for every taste. Small and large, with a variety of details, they will become not only a favorite toy of the child, but also helpers for adults. Children who have received a busy board can safely study alone for a long time, giving their parents time for themselves, household chores or recreation. In addition, the ability to play with hitherto prohibited items helps to wean the baby from those places in the house that really threaten his safety. Why climb into a hard-to-reach outlet, if here it is, at hand. And you can poke at it as much as you like!

What should be considered when buying a sensory wall panel?

Sensory wall panels, which you can now buy almost around the next corner, can be fraught with danger. Do not forget that objects located on the board can pinch a small hand, scratch delicate skin, pinch a lock of hair.

All parts of the development board must be securely attached. Pay attention to the photos of the game, as a rule, you can immediately determine the quality of the craft from real photos. offers only safe educational games for kids. Each business board for children, which we create personally for your little ones, combines high quality, variety, exceptional utility and incredibly beautiful design.

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