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Selling a House in Georgia on Your Own

Many homeowners decide to sell their homes without the support of a real estate agent. You will save a lot of money if you use this option. An agent’s commission can run into thousands of dollars. You will save this money if you sell your house in Georgia on your own. Educate yourself on this process and understand each step carefully. It will help you sell your house successfully, quickly, and at the desired price.

How to Sell My House Georgia FSBO Option

When looking for “How to Sell My House Georgia”, the FSBO selling method is preferred by 5-10% of house sellers. You have to take responsibility for listing, staging, and managing house showing. FSBO sales often take place because the buyer and seller know each other. The seller sells the home to a family member, friend, or some known person. This is the reason almost half of the FSBO homes are not marketed. Some owners want to avoid dealing with the agent. You have to pay a commission of 5-7% to the agent. FSBO is a good decision if you can handle marketing and other aspects of the house sale process. Many websites offer guidance and support services to homeowners who want to sell their homes themselves.

Can I Sell My House Without a Realtor?

You have three options if you decide to sell your home without a realtor. The first option is to sell it yourself. You have to take responsibility for handling the whole sale process from the listing and marketing to negotiating and closing the deal. You can sell your home to a cash buyer. There are many real estate investment companies that offer quick cash to home sellers. This option comes with a drawback. You will receive less money than the true worth of your home. Some estate attorneys can facilitate the sale of a property if you can bring the buyer. Each option comes with its own pros and cons. Check all details before choosing a particular selling option.

Advantages of FSBO Option

FSBO selling method has many advantages. The biggest advantage is that you do not have to pay the commission to an agent. You will retain most of the profits coming from your house sale. You retain better control over the listing. If you list your home at a platform like Houzeo, you get access to the latest real estate technologies that make the house selling process smooth and simple. You retain control over the listing price, house details, and marketing strategies. Keep control over the inspection schedules. There will be no last-minute appointment forced by the real estate agent.

The Best FSBO Sites

There are many platforms operating in this sector. They help homeowners sell their homes without a realtor. There are different types of FSBO websites. Some websites do not require any payment while others require a small fee. Free FSBO listing websites do not offer full features. At some websites, you may get access to all features initially but have to pay if you want to continue listing after the free period.

Paid best FSBO sites regularly update their website and offer the latest solutions. Platforms not offering the latest technologies and lacking popularity among the homebuyers are not useful in selling a property. Top platforms like charge a small flat fee and give you access to the whole suite of services needed for FSBO selling. Some FSBO websites cater to only a few states. When selling a house in Georgia on your own, deal with an FSBO platform that allows listing by Georgia house owners.

Flat Fee MLS Listing

This option helps you reduce your house selling costs significantly. You not only save the agent’s commission but also the heavy listing charge that many FSBO sites demand. You pay a small listing price and your house will be listed for all MLS operators to see. Your house will receive extensive coverage with this option because MLS operators across the states are connected and networked.

Once your house is listed on one MLS website, it will be visible to all MLS group members. They can check your house details immediately after it has been listed. After visiting Houzeo, you can see why it has become the most popular flat fee MLS listing website. Check its menu and options to become familiar with its services. You will get support services not only for listing your home but also for a yard sign, real estate legal services, staging, and others, depending on the listing plan your select. All services related to home selling become accessible in one place at a small cost.

Excellent Listing Exposure at

The platform receives high 5-star reviews from its home-selling users. You get a combination of advanced technology, excellent support services, and maximums savings. The flat fee MLS listing services are offered under four plans - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Bronze service costing $299 is designed for land and lots. The basic MLS package Silver costs $349. You can list for six months and upload 24 photos. The Gold option is an advanced MLS package costing $399. The Platinum plan is a full-service package costing $999 and includes all features available on this platform. You get one year of MLS listing.

You can cancel the listing at any time. Make changes and receive a custom yard sign. You can manage the house showing through the online system itself. The prices differ from MLS to MLS and state to state. The final price will be shown after the listing is complete and you have provided the details of the services you need.

Save the high cost of agent commission and fees by selling your house in Georgia on your own. Take the help of a flat fee MLS website that connects you to the MLS agents and house buyers immediately. Some real estate online directories do not offer MLS listings. List your home with for selling at a flat fee.

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