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What Kind of Security Should You Expect
From a Self Storage Facility?

Find out what kind of security you should expect from a self storage facility, so that you can be totally sure that your things are safe when you lock them up and leave them behind.

Self storage is an incredible service to use whether you’re a domestic or business user. It can be used for seasonal storage, as affordable self storage for students, for estate disputes, as a space for stock storage and more. Of course, that’s all reliant on you choosing a great storage facility.

To choose the best London storage it is important to get good rates, to choose somewhere local to you, and to ensure their customer service is up to scratch. However, some things are more essential than others and if there is one thing you need to be impressed by in order to choose a self storage facility it is their security.

Storage in London facilities are in the business of keeping your things safe, which means their security should be beyond what you would expect. You should feel they are proud to tell you which security measures they have in place, and when they tell you, you should be impressed.

Lots of storage facilities use different security measures in order to keep their customers' things safe. However, there are certain types of security that are common with the best storage companies and they are the following:


You should expect security lights across the entirety of the company. Lights to illuminate the outside area, to illuminate the inside areas, and security lighting that ensures there are no dark nooks and crannies anywhere. Of course, they may shut down overnight if they close overnight, but you should feel that lighting is not only sufficient, but a feature that has been thoroughly considered as it is so important when it comes to keeping a self storage facility safe.


Most companies who offer self storage have fencing in place as a basic security feature. The majority will have fencing that is high enough that it would be difficult for criminals to scale, which means it may have spikes or barbed wire on top too. Look for well-maintained fencing that doesn’t have any breakages in it. This lets you know that the facility regularly checks its parameters. The only time this isn’t such of an issue is with storage that is totally indoors and that is without outdoor units, in which case the security comes from the bricks and mortar and there is no need for such a lot of fencing.


Some self storage facilities have digital lock points, others use padlocks, and many use a combination. More often than not, you can add your own locks to a unit and you may have additional codes or keys to access different parts of the facility as well. It’s down to the individual self storage place, but realistically, they should at least be encouraging you to utilise certain types of locks for your unit, and be on top of their own security for communal entrances too.


The best self storage facilities will have a good reception presence where the people working on reception will check in guests, or at least be checking who is coming and going. Many self storage facilities have a 24/7 reception not only as a security measure, but also to help with queries around the clock and to help with receiving deliveries out of hours.

Security Guards

Not every facility has security guards, but larger ones do tend to have some sort of 24/7 security presence. Some will have security watching CCTV, and others will have walking security guards. It’s always good to know that somebody is on the lookout in person, and that if anything happens, they will instantly be able to alert the police and take action.


You can expect digital gates and other types of security gating at most self storage facilities. As we mentioned above, this may not happen if the storage is all indoors. However, if there are rows of units, or shipping container units, the chances are the gating will involve you using a key fob or a digital code to get in. In many cases, this is a basic security requirement and if there are outdoor storage containers you’re right to expect a good gating system at the very least.

Smart Tech Like Smart Water

Some storage facilities will use features like smart water and invisible dyes to help you protect your items from theft. They may have systems in place, or offer you these kinds of features when it comes to storing your things. It is an extra precaution in the event that a theft does take place, so that you have a chance of getting your things back at some point.


Insurance is something that is similar to smart tech like we mentioned above, in that it doesn’t stop theft happening, but it does protect you in the event that it does. Most units have their own insurance but will also demand you have your own in order to have a contract with them. If the facility does not even suggest insurance, keep well away as they are not operating as they should be.

Security Alarms

Many self storage facilities that close overnight have security alarm systems in place. This may be to aid overnight security guards, or on its own because nobody is present in person overnight. These kinds of systems are likely to alert the local police in the event of a break-in, which means that there is a good chance criminals will be stopped in their tracks, or that they will be disturbed at least before doing too much damage/ taking many items.

If you’re considering getting affordable self storage, the above security features will hopefully be present either in full, or there will be a good few of the features we have mentioned used by the facility to keep your things safe. Whereas some features of a self storage facility are nice to have, good security is essential so that you know your precious belongings are as safe and protected as possible before it’s time to collect them again.

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