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Easy Tips for Saving on Electricity Costs
in Miami - Bates Electric


Almost every household in Miami is trying to save their monthly expenditure on electricity bills. They follow various tips to save a few bucks as electricity bills but due to lack of experiment, most of these tips fail. Here are few proven tips that you should follow if you really want to save money on your monthly electricity bills.

1. Install Energy-Efficient Appliances

Your appliances use maximum energy and if they are not energy efficient, you have to pay more electricity bills than the normal ones. While going to purchase the electric appliances, make sure that you have checked the Environmental Protection Agency’s energy star label. These appliances use 10 to 50 percent lower energy rather than other electrical appliances. Sometimes, these appliances may cost more rather than the normal appliances. But you can save a high amount of money in terms of an energy bill with these appliances.

2. Change the Light Bulbs

If you have a low budget to entirely renovate the electric appliances, start from the electric bulbs. Most conventional bulbs use higher energy than the latest ones. According to experts, CFL bulbs are the perfect lighting solution for your home. Though some people still complain that these CFL bulbs contain mercury but according to experts CFL doesn’t release any mercury substance when they are in use. This is the main reason, it is important to use these CFL bulbs for lighting solutions. And in this way, it will be easy to save money in terms of electricity bills.

3. Less the Phantom Load

Phantom load means the energy that the appliance uses after turning off. That means there are some appliances that use the electricity even after switching off. According to the DOE, almost 75% of electric appliances use electricity after switching off. In this condition, it would be the best way to get escape from this issue by unplugging the appliance after use. It will also impact positively on your monthly electricity bill.

4. Use Programmable Thermostat

When you use programmable thermostats, they work automatically just by adjusting the home temperature. In this way, if you are using ACs in summer and room heaters in winter, they both will be adjusted according to the basic room temperature. If you have not adjusted the thermostat on a daily basis, it may impact you negatively. With a programmable thermostat, there is no need for any kind of manual adjustment and that can work automatically just by lessening the burden.

5. Use Fans Instead of Cooler for Cooling

Most people use ACs in summer but if the temperature is bearable, you can use fans instead of AC. There are various fan options like stationary, ceiling and whole-house fans are available and you can use them to keep your home clean. In this way, you can easily save up to 7 to 10 percent of your electricity bill.

6. Seal the Air Leaks

Air leaks are such a problem that can increase the power consumption of your home. One thing is to keep in mind that, when indoor air goes out, it flows with the internal temperature. So, that you have already made using your electric systems. No matter whether it is winter or summer, on both days leak air always influences the electricity bill just by devaluing the indoor temperature. According to experts, if they follow these perfect tips and seal the leaks of their home, they can save up to 10% electricity bill annually. Experts from Bates Electric will assist you to save electricity bills.

7. Improve Insulation

Insulating the home is the biggest thing that every homeowner should assume. When you improve home insulation, it will make the indoor part of your home more efficient. And it won’t be influenced by the outer environment. Install insulation in your attic and it will work efficiently to keep you comfortable throughout the summer and winter days.


Saving an electricity bill is not possible just by uninstalling or switching off the electric appliance. It needs a proper verification process and precise determination to improve efficiency. And other things that are required to reduce the electricity bill. These are some of the best tips that you can follow if you really want to down the monthly electricity bill. Follow them and save tons of money in terms of monthly electricity bills.

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