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6 Things You Need to Know About
Residential Roof Cleaning

Residential Roof Cleaning

Washing the roof is an important job to keep your house from any severe damage. Especially if you live in tropical areas or if you are located near a beach.

Tending to your roof regularly preserves the life of its shingles and tiles. Tending to your roof regularly preserves the life of its shingles and tiles. Engaging a certified tile roof cleaning service is beneficial in keeping your roof in top shape and making its lifespan longer. These experts are qualified to properly and safely clean tile roofs, so you can be sure your roof is being well-taken care of. This practice also helps in removing harmful algae, moss and soot. In addition to that it restores the color or the roof.

Following are the five important things every homeowner must know about residential roof cleaning:

1- Roof Cleaning is Important

If you want to preserve your home’s condition, regular roof cleaning is something you cannot shy away from.

As I mentioned earlier this job can increase the curb appeal of your property, bring back colors of your roof and make it look in a very good condition. But make sure you use authentic and safe cleaning chemicals, especially if it is residential building.

After you are done with your roof, it reveals cracks and damage in tiles which were earlier hidden under dirt.

Roofs which stay under dust and mud for a longer time often get soft and damage concrete too.

So, in a way spending money on roof cleaning often saves you from a bigger maintenance check.

If you live in an area which is prone to heavy rainfall then it is almost inevitable that your gutters might be clogged. If you do not clear these gutters often, rain water will splash over, ultimately damaging the exterior and possibly foundations too.

2- Roof Cleaning is an investment

I cannot stress it enough, hiring an expert to clear the soot and moss will help your roof’s condition in multiple ways. Roof cleaning professionals often use detergents which reach every nook of your roof dissolving dirt under shingles.

A soft wash afterwards cleans away all the debris while not disturbing any loose tiles. This whole procedure will reveal soft spots and damaged areas which were impossible to locate before cleaning.

Fixing these minor issues will preserve your roof against leaks and water damage.

3- Don't Wait to Schedule Roof Washing

During a casual inspection of your roof, you might think that there is no need to spend money on roof cleaning yet. But, hidden away from naked eye, in the dark spaces of your roof you have algae, moss and mildew. These enemies live and grow in damp places where sunlight often does not reach.

It is recommended to wash away all the wet leaves and twigs from your roof regularly. Because these small debris items which look very innocent cause all the contaminants to grow under tiles.

A professional will always recommend a wash after every storm or maybe after a couple of rainfalls to remove all this debris build-up.

4- Proper Roof Power Washing Is for Professionals

If you are thinking of buying a pressure washer online and performing roof cleaning yourself, you might have to think again.

Why? Because it can be dangerous. Keeping your balance on the roof while doing this can be a tricky thing. If you fall from a slick, sloppy roof surface it can cause severe damage to your backbone and can be life threatening too.

Propping up a ladder is not a good option either. Standing on the roof you have to spray roof tiles from below which causes roof damage, as it can loosen the nails.

Doing it yourself, you are most likely to miss dirt in cracks and you might not know the proper way to handle chimneys, vents and gutters.

In addition to all this a professional knows exactly which detergent or chemical to use on a roof. Using the wrong chemical or using the wrong proportion of detergent can dry out shingles.

5- Never Ignore Moss and Algae

It won't be an exaggeration if we call these two the worst enemies of a roof. Moss, algae and mold grow and if they are given enough time to spread, they can easily make their way under shingles and dislodge tiles.

These contaminants are extra moist therefore they cause softening of shingles and roof paper to tear.

6- Different Roofs Need Different Care

Not all roofs are built of similar materials, that is why they need different types of cleaning. An example of this is that commercial roofs often need a harder water pressure whereas older residential buildings need a softer roof cleaning.

An expert does not use the same chemical for every roof surface. The type of chemical and its concentration is finalised after accessing the condition, type and age of the roof.

As a homeowner you can discuss these vital points with a professional before hiring them for your beloved property.

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