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Should I Replace or Repair my Hot Water Heater?

By seeing your water heater not heating up or leaking, you must be thinking of whether to repair the existing one or to replace it with a new one. So before you make your decision, get to know the signs of needing a full replacement of your hot water heater.

Longevity of water heaters

Although service life of hot water heaters varies from one manufacturer to other, but on an average the life expectancy of them is about 8 to 12 years. The reasons for the variations are the quality of installation, schedule of maintenance, location, water quality and design. When your water heater becomes more than ten years old and you can find it leaking around the base of its tank or it is working improperly, then, it is usually the time of replacement. To cut your energy expenses you can upgrade to a more efficient unit of water heater.

Identifying and Resolving Common Water Heater Problems

In general, a defective heating element or a fault in the thermostat causes the common problems of heating in the water heater. If you find your water not getting hot enough, then look for the following things:

  • Check if it is connected to the power or the gas is properly connected for electric heaters and gas heaters respectively.
  • Insulate the water pipes of the heater.
  • Raise the temperature of the thermostat.
  • For removing the sediment of the tank, flash the water heater.

Maintenance of Water Heaters

Before the Hot Water Repair, don't forget to check the nameplate present on the side of your model as it contains all the necessary information. Although the current water heaters require little or no maintenance, certain steps can prolong the life of the water heater. Such as:

  • Keeping the temperature setting on the thermostat lower to 120 degrees Fahrenheit reduces the risk of damage to the tank, which is generated due to overheating.
  • Don't forget to test the pressure relief valve time to time. If it does not release a certain flow of water in the overflow drain pipe then change it.
  • Call any professional Sydney Plumber if there is any leakage in the water supply pipes or a continuous hissing sound can be heard from the heater.
  • Lastly, drain all the water from the heater two times per year, to get rid of the sediment collected which results in corrosion.

During Necessary Replacement

While replacing your water heater it can be replaced with the same type of model or might be upgraded to a better one.

You must consider the features of water heaters while buying a new one:

  • Look for its capacity, usually the capacity of 40 gallon and 50 gallon water heaters are common.
  • Know the recovery rate, that is, how much gallons of water the heater is going to heat per hour.
  • Notice the energy efficiency ratings which are pasted on the side of the model. The higher the energy efficiency ratings are, the lower is the amount of cost and electricity required.
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