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Best Way to Repair a Leaking Gutter Joint

Repair a Leaking Gutter Joint

A leaking gutter is not only annoying but can pose a serious threat if not repaired on time. Usually, when a gutter starts to leak, it indicates that there is a crack somewhere inside the gutter that’s causing the problem. A leaking gutter can cause serious water damages to the foundations, sidings, and roofs, which is why you must make it your priority to get your gutters fixed as soon as they start to leak. If you ignore the problem, the damage can grow bigger with time and cause huge damage to your property. But how can they be fixed? Is calling professional help important? Without a doubt, professional help can offer you many benefits, but if you are low on budget or someone who likes to do stuff on their own, here is a complete guide on how you can repair your leaking gutters. These simple steps will help you a lot in applying the appropriate sealants to fix the leaks, mend the cracks, and repair the end caps so that your gutter starts to function properly again.

1- How to Fix Metal Gutters

Although metal gutters are designed to withstand wear and tear, they can undergo some corrosion over time. Disassembling the gutter system for repair gets very difficult when nuts and bolts are particularly corrosive. So, get proper gutter repair services from a professional company. However, instead of disassembling the gutters, the joints can be scraped, cleaned, and sealed. Here is how it is done:

a - Procedure

  • Remove the Old Nuts and Bolts
    The first and basic step is to remove the nuts and bolts that hold the gutter pieces together. You can use a simple wrench for this.
  • Separate the sections of the Gutter
    Once the bolts and nuts are removed, you can easily separate the gutter sections. For this, you’ll need a hammer so that you can tap on the joints with it. In this way, you will get all the sections separated.
  • Remove the Debris
    A lot of debris can get stuck with the metal. Once you remove the sections, you will be able to see that. You can clean your gutter sections easily with the help of a wire brush.
  • Apply Metal Primer
    Once you get rid of the debris, you can apply the metal primer to your gutter sections. Use a good primer and let it fully dry. 
  • Apply Sealant
    Just after applying the primer, you can apply the sealant to the joints of the gutter. This will create a water-tight seal, and you will get rid of the leakages. 
  • Join the Sections Back
    Once you apply the sealant, you have to join the sections back. However, it is better to replace the old nuts and bolts with the new ones. 

b - Precautions

  • Make sure the joints are completely dry before applying the gutter sealant to the seams with the gun.
  • If the joints aren’t dry, you might have to disassemble the gutter before resealing. 
  • Use good quality and thick gloves as rough metal can cut through your hands. 

2- How to Fix Plastic Gutters

Plastic gutters are very commonly installed nowadays. In contrast to metal, plastic does not rust, but leaks can still occur in the joint area. With plastic gutters, leaks occur most often where the channel section is connected to the downpipe. Plastic gutters include gaskets that can fail to perform well as a result of debris. However, you can still easily repair them, and here is how:

a - Procedure

  • Remove the Gutter Sections
    Firstly remove the gutter sections, which can be done by simply squeezing the sides of the sections. 
  • Release the Gasket
    When you raise the gutter sections, you will be able to see the gaskets. You can easily peel them off with the help of a peeler. 
  • Get a new Gasket Installed
    If your problem isn’t solved by washing off the debris, then it means you have to get a new gasket installed. Gaskets are easily available in the markets and can be easily installed as well. 
  • Join the Gutter Sections
    After installing the new gaskets, you can reattach your gutter sections by simply squeezing them in the same manner you used to detach them. 

b - Precautions

  • When peeling off the gaskets, make use of a peeler or a knife carefully.
  • Squeeze the plastic gutter sections properly with intense care.
  • Wear appropriate gloves while changing the gaskets.

According to Et Handyman, whether you have plastic gutters or metal gutters at your house, leakage problems can occur in both and pose major threats. If the rainwater seeps through the weakened joints of the gutters, it can run down to the foundation of the house and affect it. To minimize damage, it is important to fix leaky gutter joints as soon as possible.

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