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Tips for Keeping Your Rented House Clean

Cleaning a small rented house isn’t as easy or fun as many people would imagine. Unless you live in one, you may find it hard to believe that small spaces collect more dirt and dust than spacious rooms. That is strange, but it is true.

That being said, most people don’t consider house rents as real homes and will find no glamor in cleaning them thoroughly. But they cannot be more wrong. Your house, no matter how small, is supposed to be your happy place; your safe haven. Keeping it clean is one way of injecting happiness and peace in your life.

So, how often do you scrub the bathroom, vacuum your floor, or clean the oven in your small rented apartment? Do you pay attention to the small details that set a sparkling clean house apart from a “cleaned” house? These 6 tips will help you maintain your new house cleaner and livable.

1. Clean as you continue with your other chores

If you can, hand-wash your dishes, clean the countertops, and clean the oven as you cook so that by the time you are done the cooking, your kitchen is almost 100% clean. All you will have left to clean afterward will be the few dishes you’ll eat on and the pots you were cooking with.

On the other hand, folding your laundry as you make your bed will leave very little for you to do in the evening. Also, cleaning after your pet as you walk to the bedroom from the living room at night means that you will not have much to clean on your designated vacuuming day.

2. Clean up there

Guests tend to look up more when in a small living area than when in a spacious living room. They will, for example, easily notice dust on your fans and picture frames. If there are cobwebs on the ceiling, they will always notice. And, regrettably, it is very easy to forget those areas above your head when cleaning. Make a point of acquiring a long-handled duster for cleaning such high places.

Besides, living in a vacation rental instead of a hotel will train you on how to keep small spaces warm, clean, and cozy.

3. Keep the scents appealing

It might be hard to keep your rented home sparkling clean at all times, but you definitely give your guests the impression that everything is perfectly clean when you keep the scents appealing all the time. Vanilla scented candles or lemon-scented air fresheners, for example, will work well for you in this regard.

4. Brighten up the house

If your walls, furniture, and rugs are dull, your house will always look smaller and less appealing no matter how clean it could be. As a matter of fact, a dull house feels gloomy, unclean, and claustrophobic. And if your curtains block natural light from sufficiently lighting your interiors, guests will always find your house a little bit off. Ensure that you paint the walls with a brighter color and, if possible, buy new furniture and curtains that will make your house look brighter and cleaner. This will definitely increase the value of the house.

5. Constantly check your high-traffic areas

High traffic areas include the entrance, hallway, around the fridge, and the bathroom. Focus on cleaning those areas as regularly as you can. If you can afford to spare a small space by the entrance for guests to keep their shoes, you can succeed in reducing the amount of dust that goes to the high traffic regions. Also, having rugs in strategic high traffic spots will help you trap most- if not all- dirt.

6. Do your laundry on a daily basis

Is it possible for you to do your laundry and dry everything in the morning? If yes, get in the habit of doing exactly that. You will never again have huge loads of laundry lying all over the house. You can easily do laundry as you shower or as you take your breakfast, so you will not have to spend all your Saturdays held up in the laundry room.

In conclusion

Are you ready to make that important change in your life and start cleaning your small rented house regularly and perfectly? The six tips above will help.

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