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Rent-to-Own As a Settlement Option in Vancouver

Love the environment in Canada but hate it during winters? Does the country as a whole seem really attractive to settle down? If answers to the above questions are in the affirmative, it would be a great idea to live in Vancouver, which offers sunny summers and mildly cold winters.

About Vancouver


Several major industries are based in Vancouver, despite which it is considered as one of the world’s most livable cities. This coastal seaport city falls on the British Columbian island, giving city dwellers the chance to visit beautiful beaches. It is also surrounded by the North Shore Mountains, offering snow sports and many hiking trails. It is an excellent mix of the urban jungle and nature, with many high rises contributing to the splendid skyline. The ones with jobs will get some of the most competitive salaries in Canada, allowing them to pay the best rent to own home in Vancouver.

Rent-to-own option is getting popular

The rental vacancy in the city of Vancouver is really low, close to 1%. People living here love the city, their jobs and the environment so much that they just don’t want to leave. Although rent-to-own has already been popular in the US and Britain, it is gradually gaining traction in British Columbia (B.C). Media coverage of new projects helps to get new customers for applications. As per the concept of rent-to-own, residents have to pay rent for a period of two years or more, upon which the same money is adjusted towards down payment for the home.

When to choose the rent-to-own option

Buying a house in the conventional manner means making a large down payment, obtaining a mortgage loan, and then paying it over 25 years. In other words, the three main requirements to buy a house are:

  • Good credit
  • High monthly incomes
  • Making a down payment

Problems in any one of the above factors create problems in buying a house. That is where a rent-to-own program comes into the picture.

Residents can renovate

As soon as a person moves in to a home, either with family or alone, he or she is already considered as the buyer. This allows the individual to renovate the house just like a regular home owner. Whether new tiles, floorboards, or anything else, they are permitted to change anything. Of course, it is also important for residents to care for the home just like their own.

So, what are the places to see in Vancouver city? What will the weather be like throughout the year? Here is the lowdown.

Weather in Vancouver

It does get a little cold in Vancouver, but not freezing cold unlike many other parts of Canada. Temperatures hover around 2-3 degrees C, with mild snowfall in certain periods. Bright sunshine is usually available throughout the year. Also, the city is known for heavy rains. In any case, it remains comfortable across the year. Summers get pretty warm with bright sunshine.

Places to see in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver has a large number of city parks, and is literally a haven for various outdoor activities. It is also known for a busy cultural life and amazing dining options. These are some of the places that must be visited:

  1. Grouse Mountain- This mountain area offers a beautiful panorama during clear skies, and can be enjoyed throughout the year. One comes across a gondola which operates from the summit to the street level every day, with a rich wildlife and several dining options being available. Grouse Mountain turns into a skiing destination during winter.
  2. Stanley Park- It is a lush peninsula with several trees and is located near downtown Vancouver. For anyone who is interested to enjoy nature amidst the hustle of city life, this is a wonderful place. Visitors will be surrounded by shrubs and gardens in several colors, complemented by rhododendrons and cherry trees. One can spend the entire day doing many things here.
  3. Kitsilano beach- The sandy shore of this beach is meant to define the fun loving and laidback lifestyles of people in the city. An outdoor heated seawater swimming pool is also available. Views are wonderful here, and one can also proceed on several walking trails. There are a number of gorgeous cafes around as well.
  4. Gastown- This is easily the oldest part of Vancouver, consisting of restaurants and shops in Victorian buildings. Cobblestone streets and iron lampposts give an old world feeling to this area. Tourists enjoy clicking pictures with Gassy Jack.

Always get in touch with a trusted company

There are a large number of housing companies in the city, and many of them even run scams to trap innocent people into paying large sums of money. Be careful and only finalize deals with a recognized company here. A person who is not a Canadian citizen would have to pay an extra tax on the property.

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