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Essential Renovation Ideas to Help You Sell Your Home

Renovation Ideas to Help You Sell Your Home

When selling your home, you want the best possible return on your asset. To achieve a high sale price, it is often prudent to make a modest investment of funds in some specific renovations. These improvements may have a huge impact on the aesthetic value of the property and assist in attracting far greater interest from potential buyers than what may have been possible if the home was listed in its existing, lived-in state.

If you are considering listing your house on the property market, here are some renovation and improvement ideas to add value to your home.

1. Patching and Painting

The quickest and easiest way to refresh a tired old home interior is by patching up any cracks and dents in the ceilings and walls and giving everything a fresh coat of paint. This will also cover up any stains and scuffs that accumulate over years of day to day activity. Avoid using dark or saturated colours, the best solution is to just use a pure white or off-white tone which will brighten up the darkest corners of all the rooms.

If budget permits, it may even be beneficial to demolish a specific non-structural wall to open up the space. If your house has partitions between the living, dining or kitchen areas, removing these partitions can create a much bigger, light-filled space that has a more contemporary feel.

2. Update your flooring

If the floor surfaces in some rooms are badly damaged or scuffed, replacing them is an ideal way to make your home look more warm and welcoming. Consider replacing any old, worn, stained carpets to a timber floor board or tile design for a more modern look that is also easier to clean and maintain.

Any badly scratched or damaged timber floors should be re-sanded and varnished by an industry professional. Alternatively you can consider replacing the planks with engineered floor products that may be more cost effective.

3. Basic cleaning and de-cluttering

Remove extra furniture and unnecessary decorative items to avoid the feeling of cluttered and cramped, narrow spaces in your home. Consider installing cabinets and other low cost storage systems to hide any items that you do not wish to throw out. Removing any personal decorations like family photos and trinkets will create a more neutral aesthetic, making potential buyer feel like they are buying a product.

Be sure to thoroughly clean all parts of the house, including areas that you do not normally attend to in your regular routine. Hiring a professional service to wash and polish all the windows can be a great way to introduce some additional light inside the house, making the interiors less gloomy. Engage a gardening service to mow the lawns and nature strips, as well as tidying up the garden areas by removing dead leaves and pruning back overgrown hedges.

4. Update specific rooms to highlight their best features

To boost the sale value and marketing strategies, you may consider renovating some specific rooms where potential buyers may focus more attention. This includes updating your bathroom, kitchen, and living spaces. You can replace kitchen appliances or bathroom fixtures, hang some new inexpensive artworks, install some additional cabinets and add some trending light fixtures to make your property appear more aesthetically pleasing and spacious to the buyer.

Another interesting possibility is to engage companies that provide 3d rendering services to create virtual staging of your interiors, creating beautiful marketing images of your property with modern furnishings and décor, without having to actually purchase expensive new furniture and paintings. 

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