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Peace of Mind From Having a Reliable Security System Installed by Professionals

The world of home security has advanced beyond a simple panel that alerts authorities when a break-in is detected. In the ever-changing landscape of our digital age, security systems have become more sophisticated than ever before, with more sensors, connectivity, control and ease of use. A peace of mind the likes of which we’ve never seen before with home security is now as common as the smartphones in our pockets.

The newest monitored alarm system installations are feature rich, multi-point smart systems that offer remote control, real-time notifications on your smartphone and rapid response protocols. Common features on the latest in intrusion tech includes:

  • Robust Motion Detection Technology - Motion sensors come in a huge number of form factors, and form the brunt of your intrusion detection in the event of a non-standard entry into the home. Placed above doorways, in corners, or even in the center of rooms as standalone detection devices. Motion sensors are also integrated into the smart network formed by a home or business intrusion detection system, allowing you to check which sensors were tripped in the event of a break-in.
  • Door Sensors - Placed on all viable entrances into a home or business, door sensors detect break-ins and when doors have been left open or improperly shut. A doorbell camera is of course a security must-have.
  • Glass Break Sensors - Intrusion through windows into homes or businesses remains a common method for would-be thieves, but the application of detection sensors onto windows and other glasses panels on a home or business detect when someone is trying to force their way through glass.
  • Instant Response - Detection security extends beyond just detection, and peace of mind goes far beyond when you’re away from your home or business. Instant response devices or “panic buttons” allow you to immediately contact emergency services, from either your home, your business, or your phone when you’re on the go.
  • Smartphone Integration - Check the status of your home or business at any time using only your smartphone. Get up-to-the-minute updates on sensor states, active systems, and more, for maximum peace of mind.
  • Video Surveillance - Cameras set up to monitor perimeters, entry points, walkways and more are a frequent option for intrusion detection systems, and provide another vector to maintain a safe home or business.

Home intrusion detection systems and business intrusion detection systems are variable in their nature, and what works for one may not work for the other. Building location, size, shape and budget all have effects on the ideal intrusion system for any given area. Lunis Systems provides additional information if you have questions about security system installation.

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