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5 Reasons Why Creepy Bugs Like
Your House So Much

Ever wonder why those creepy bugs like your house so much? If you are someone who thinks bugs have a fondness for your home, you aren’t alone. Many people think that creepy pests have a liking for their home. This is not entirely false as well. Pests and bugs do have a liking for certain homes, interiors and building types depending on many different factors.

All those creepy bugs and pests of different kinds have different sensors to us humans. They are able to see and feel things differently to our own perceptions. Unknowingly, people can make their interiors more attractive for bugs and pests. Something as simple as white light can attract certain types of bugs more than yellow light. Here are some reasons why creepy bugs might be attracted to your home:

White Light and Its Pest Inviting Abilities

Yes, you read it right. White light can be an attractor for different kinds of bugs and pests. Also, crane flies, moths, beetles and many other smaller sized night insects have a preference for white light. It can come from a regular light bulb or light source. Insects see white light differently to yellow light.

This is why homes with yellow light bulbs get lesser insects in them. Creepy bugs have the tendency to leave interiors with yellow light alone and pass right in front of them. Guess what, yellow light operates on same wattage as the white light. Just a matter of adjusting your eyes to it if you aren’t used to it.

Replace white light bulbs in your home with yellow bulbs. Yellow light is thought to have different wavelength and gives insects the impression of a filled room. Whereas, experts believe that white light gives them the impression of empty space inviting them indoors.

Pot Plans Can Be Rides for Pests into Your Home

Ever brought your pot plants indoors from the outside thinking they might freeze during a cold winter night? Yet, many people do this and end up provide the perfect way for creepy bugs to get in. Bugs and insects can hitch a ride easily on-board pot plans hiding in or on them.

Even though, pests might not have planned this, they still land on the insides of your home. Also, spiders, slaters, ants, beetles and even cockroaches can be hiding in those leaves of your pot plants. Seek help from pest control langley or any other local service providers when in need.

Make sure to inspect your pot plans thoroughly before bringing them in the house. Check them properly even when putting in the garage or under the extended front shed of your home. And, if they get anywhere near your indoors, next thing you know is that they have infiltrated the indoors.

Leaking Plumbing Pipes or Faucets

So, what is the one thing creepy bugs, insects and pests just love? It has to be moisture and humidity. Your home and its humid parts just become pest sanctuaries when there are leaking pipes or faucets. Bugs and pests will not need a second invitation. Humidity is the best invitation card they can ever get.

Cockroaches, silverfish and many other pesky crawlers just crave water too much. If they can hide in water filled places, even better. Slow drips under the kitchen sink, slow leaking pipes in the ground, water seeping faucets are all pest inviters. Pests just love slow drips where water collects slowly.

Inspect your plumbing pipes and all faucets regularly. Bolts and seals can get lose over time under constant water pressure. Make sure to fix all leaks and stop any moisture from attractive pests and creepy bugs to your home interiors. This might just keep those scary roaches away too.

Paper Bags and Their Storage Habits

Plastic bags are slowly being phased out. Paper bags and in some places, fabric bags are the replacements. Paper bags aren’t bug attractors as such on their own. However, how they get stored can attract creepy bugs and insects of different kinds.

Tucked in cupboards and under sinks or on/next to the fridge can invite cockroaches. Roaches hide away, eat and lay eggs inside paper bag creases. More so if there is a thick pile of them. However, if you have a full-on roach infestation, is a professional in Vancouver that can help.

Prevent your paper bag storage from becoming a cockroach heaving by storing them in a sealed container. Get those large plastic containers that will help organize your paper bag storage better too.

Overgrown Gardens and Greens

Weeds, shrubs and other overgrown greens can be pest or bug heavens too. Trees with their branches hanging on the roof and leaves falling close to doors and windows can be problems too. Spiders, fleas, earwigs, beetles and many other creepy crawlies can hitch rides to your indoors through these routes.

This is how spiders in Vancouver became so common. Cold places especially where it snows a lot can tend to bend branches making them fall onto the roof. Pests hitch rides pretty easily.

Make sure to look after your gardens and greens at all times of the year. Trim off any long-extended branches and ones with leaves falling from them. Ideally, have trees and greens well away from your windows, doors and walls.

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