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5 Good Reasons to Call a
Roof Repair Company in Summer

Every season that comes has unique benefits and challenges for homeowners, especially on the roof. The roof is the home’s first line of defense from nature. In the meantime, it withstands severe battering to bad weather conditions. So, when your roof develops a problem in the summer heat, you have to know when to call a professional to keep your roof in good shape.

Roof Repair Company

Here are reasons to call a roof repair company in the summer

Buildup of moisture

Summertime comes with an increase in temperature leading to an increase in moisture level. This makes the air in your home muggy much quicker. It results in moisture build-up in the attic if your ventilation is not in good shape. Unfortunately, the presence of trapped water in the attic weakens the roof and significantly reduces its lifespan by some years. Additionally, the moisture encourages damage to wooden components of the roof leading to costly structural damage.

The presence of moisture in your ceiling creates significant energy problems. The insulation system is likely to become wet making it lose R-Value with a significant increase in energy costs. Consequently, your HVAC system will have to work harder despite becoming less efficient. A saturated insulation system will eventually make the moisture to become trickling down your roof deck. This leads to considerable damage and eventual failure. The intrusion of water into the property structure will lead to evident damage in your interior.

Moss growth

Moss is a tiny non-vascular plant that is flowerless and thrives in shady and damp places. Being vascular means moss doesn’t have roots but absorbs water from its spores. Lacking root structure for upward growth makes moss grow low while spreading wide on the roof surfaces. Consequently, it creates a rustic look making your property look like a cabin or cottage. You have to schedule an inspection by one of the leading roofing repair companies in Sacramento for the presence of moss on your roof.

Moss is a wonderful addition to the garden but not to your roof. This is true if your home is prone to dampness or is in a heavily shaded area. The presence of moss growth can potentially get out of hand. This plant produces spores that are airborne making it easy to spread throughout your roof in a short while. After settling, the spores grow in the tiny spaces between shingles. When left unchecked, there’s a chance to cause considerable damage. This is because the moss will trap moisture leading to the weakening of underlying roof materials and making them moldy.

Sun damage

The sunny days have a possibility of causing considerable damage to the roof. Applying a coating on the roof limits the damage. This coating acts like sunscreen on the screen to limit UV rays from hitting it. Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures might make your rood deck deteriorate or fade. The heat from the sun might also make adhesion sticking roofing material melt.

Additionally, the extreme temperatures also make the shingles age much faster. It’s not easy to detect signs of roof damage from the sign from the ground. You have to call a professional repair company for an inspection of your roof. This allows detecting potential damage and undertaking appropriate repairs.

Pesky rodents and insects

Sometimes pests and rodents can find their way into your attic spaces. These usually get there through gaps when your roof has damage. Pesky animals such as mice, rats, bats, squirrels, and possums might turn your attic into a nesting place. These animals are relentlessly picking and biting leading to chewing of electrical wiring, dislodging of insulation, and wood deterioration.

Rat infestation in your attic might encourage food contamination. Their droppings and urine create unsafe living conditions with subsequent serious medical conditions. Additionally, these rodents introduce fleas and other annoying bugs into homes infecting your pets and family. To avoid this, calling a professional roof repair technician to inspect your property during summer is a great idea.

Cracked shingles

As the strong summer sun increases temperature sporadically, your roof shingles might dry out and crack or get damaged. Shingles that are too dry or have cracks are likely to begin peeling up or eventually falling off completely. You have to call a professional roof repair technician immediately to avoid leaving your home exposed. This will allow getting good shingles to have peace of mind that your property won’t get anything to disturb your comfort.

Wrapping up

Summer is a wonderful moment to get out in the summer. However, you have to ensure that your home is in good condition. This is because you will wish to come back to a comfortable home at the end of the day. So, scheduling inspection and maintenance during the summer is something you can’t ignore.

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