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Follow These Tips To Make Successful
Real Estate Marketing Videos

Over the last decade, the real estate industry has faced and imbibed some significant changes. Hitting rock bottom in 2012 owing to economic flux, the industry is booming now, with the US real estate construction contributing about $1.5 trillion to their economy alone in 2018. 

Needless to say, real estate marketing has evolved considerably well to accommodate newer trends and techniques to tackle competition. Gone are the days of signboards and fliers. What you need to do now is put some solid groundwork to attract and maintain your clientele. And what better way is there than to create video ads in an age marked by far-reaching social media trends and viral hot topics?

According to experts, real estate ads that included videos received over 403% more inquiries than those without. Real estate marketing with video ads, presents you the perfect medium to engage your clients with real-life viewing, right from the comforts of their home. Moreover, video ads are more interactive, fun, and impactful, compared to traditional methods of advertisement.

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Ace Real Estate Marketing with InVideo

At InVideo, our focus is to take some heat off you by making the process of video creation effortless for you. You can create impressive videos in just 5 minutes with the help of features like our AI-powered templates that are tailor-made to suit your needs and showcase your listings to always stay on top of the game. 

What’s more? Here are the 3 most essential tips and tricks to increase client base through real estate video ads: 

1. Quality, Budget, and Planning: The 3-fold Strategy for Trend-Worthy Videos

Quality: The most essential elements to ensure top-notch real estate video ads are its quality and content. Your video quality dictates the amount of traffic and viewership it gets. After all, real estate videos have their foundation lying on visually appealing aesthetics. Structured video content that’s been perfected and polished is the key to your success in this business. If you try to market a property that’s not visually enticing, you are going to have a hard time trying to sell it off. Period.

Our team of highly experienced video creators promises and guarantees state of the art listing videos with sweeping drone shots and beautiful clips of the interior and detailed overview of the property that is bound to enchant your clients into a world of luxury.

Budget: For an ad to sell, well, it doesn't need to be crazy expensive. What matters solely is the video content and production quality. Our team at InVideo understands and values your budgeting and finance restrictions. With InVideo, you get to be the creative master while our platform does all the hard work for you.

We provide you with the option of creating professional videos from over 300+ online video designs, handpicked specially for you. Moreover, our subscription plans are cost-effective at only $4 a month for professional users and $15 for business ones. That's not all. Your first three videos are on us!

Planning: Video marketing is not your average run-of-the-mill quick throw party. It takes planning and proper implementation to decide on the type of videos you want to create, how you are going to go about editing them, where you would want to market them etc. 

The key to good planning is to strategize your content ideas.Real estate marketing through video ads is a continuous process involving numerous steps like getting the lighting right, snazzy sound effects, scripting, and editing. All these may seem a little too overbearing but with good research and a tactical team at hand, nothing is too hard to reach! Video creators at InVideo will be at your service every step of the way to bring out the creative genius in you.

2. Keep the Length of the Advertisement Smart 

Real estate ads shouldn’t be too long. Keeping your videos short is the way to keep hold of your audience’s attention without boring them. Don’t believe us? Well, here is the evidence. According to a business report, only 37% of viewers stick around until the end of a video. A long video will only make the user either skip through it or not watch it at all. The content in your video ads is likely to get more attention if it’s not overly long, well kept under 5 mins.

3. Include Trusted Testimonials and Personal Storytelling

Trust is the most important factor that plays a key role in any business investment. And is there any other more personal investment in anyone’s life than buying a house? Incorporating property testimonials in your marketing ads can help increase your client base and revenue. 

Your new client can be a little unsure of your ways and approaches. In such a scenario, property testimonials will help you gain their trust and confidence by clearing their confusion and indecisiveness. 

To make it even better, reach out to your former clients to see if they would be willing to film a video testimonial describing their experience doing business with you. A third party opinion helps cement that bond of trust and belief in a new client.

Moving on, buying a house is a celebratory milestone of its own. Not only is the process a financial investment, but it's also an emotional investment, which is precisely what you need to tap into. To make it a capital investment for your business, you need to utilize this aspect of storytelling in your video ads. Emotional appeal can be a winning factor in helping you sell a house. If used in the right way, it can be the most cost-effective strategy to win over clients.

Parting Words

Video ads have transformed and brought about new ways of business promotions and expansion. Using video ads as a marketing technique has innumerable advantages, all catered to work in your favour. Engaging visuals and storytelling help drive traffic and increase clientele. 

Moreover, the essentials of a successful real estate business lie in selling the perfect house to the perfect client. Showing clients the property is the most significant part of this trade. Video ads if used in the right way can be the perfect tool for your business expansion. In the time that you spend showing a house to a potential buyer, dozens of other buyers can learn about various properties through real estate ads online. All you have to do is open InVideo and start filming!

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